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2023 Baccalaureate First Round Results - The Success Continues

July 04, 2023
2023 Baccalaureate First Round Results - The Success Continues

The 2023 Baccalaureate examination results have again showcased the outstanding quality of the Monegasque educational system. With an overall pass rate of 97.6% in the first round across all series, and a distinction rate of 79.9%, of which 18.6% achieved the grade of "Très Bien", this year's performance remains impressively consistent.

These remarkable results reflect an unwavering commitment from all staff members and the exemplary dedication of the students. It brings honor to the Principality and testifies once more to the excellence of its education system.

In the general series at Lycée Albert Ier and Lycée François d'Assise – Nicolas Barré, 98.7% of the students passed their examination, with 263 achieving a distinction, representing 83.2% of baccalaureate students:

- 62 with "Très Bien", four of which received jury congratulations
- 114 with "Bien"
- 87 with "Assez Bien"

In the technological series at Lycée Albert Ier and Lycée Rainier III, 98.1% of students were successful, with 38 distinctions, representing 73.1% of baccalaureate students in this series:

- 1 with "Très Bien"
- 11 with "Bien"
- 26 with "Assez Bien"

The professional series at Lycée Rainier III achieved a success rate of 92.9%, with 60 distinctions, representing 71.43% of the baccalaureate students in this series:

- 4 with "Très Bien"
- 17 with "Bien"
- 39 with "Assez Bien"

The Prince's Government extends its most sincere congratulations to all baccalaureate students for their continuous hard work and commitment, which made these outstanding results possible.

It also expresses gratitude to the directors, teaching, and non-teaching staff of each institution for their dedication and the quality of support they provide to the students.

Lastly, the Government thanks the Directorate of National Education, Youth, and Sports for its commitment to the institutions and students, striving for their success.

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