A Modern State. New online service for businesses: electronic signature

by Anna Antipova Contributor
February 13, 2023
A Modern State. New online service for businesses: electronic signature

As part of the Extended Monaco programme, the Prince’s Government is offering Monegasque businesses a new online service to obtain an electronic stamp or signature certificate. What is commonly known as an electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature for an electronic document (one that is not printed). Its purpose is to show that a document has been signed by an identified person and that the document has not been changed. It has the same value as a handwritten signature.

Launched in March 2021, this large-scale digital transformation project for local businesses is the result of a partnership between the Digital Services Department, the Business Development Agency, the Monaco Cyber Security Agency and the National Council, to establish the legislative and regulatory foundation – Act No. 1.482, dated 17 December 2019 for a digital Principality – and numerous businesses in the Principality.

Significant advantages for businesses

Electronic signature for businesses offers numerous advantages for users:
- Considerable time savings: all administrative documents for suppliers, partners or internal use can be made paperless and signed electronically (contracts, purchase orders, quotes, meeting minutes, pay slips, etc.).

- Improved document security: the components of the electronic signature include a digital fingerprint of the original document. Each signed document thus bears a guarantee of its integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation.

- Space savings, reduced costs and an eco-friendly approach: less printing, paper archiving and transportation of documents.

- Easy to use: the USB key reader supplied and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) mean that it is easy to sign documents.

- Smoother customer relations: contractual activities can be completed remotely by sharing digital documents with probative value.

Electronic signature will make life easier for businesses in the Principality when it comes to all the everyday documents that require a signature. It is a key aspect of their digital transformation, contributing to the establishment of paperless procedures with optimised, secure exchanges. This is all the more relevant as distance working has become the norm,” emphasises Julien Dejanovic, Director of Digital Services.

This new online service is another step in our work to continuously improve the services we offer to businesses. We are going to continue to move the most commonly used services online while ensuring that we retain a direct link with businesses and make full use of the advantages of our locally based government,” said Stéphan Bruno, Director of the Business Development Agency.

Who is affected?

All businesses registered in the Monaco Trade and Industry Registry and government departments can now have a signature certificate.

How to obtain an electronic signature certificate

Any legal representative of a business registered in the Monaco Trade and Industry Registry can submit an application online via the MonGuichet.mc portal, with a Businesses account, Currently active section – Obtaining an electronic signature or stamp certificate for business or via the URL https://teleservice.gouv.mc/ecertificats-pro/. 
During the appointment, which is still required, the applicant will be positively identified by a government officer. Details of all the procedures (form and documents to be provided) can be accessed from the Public Service for Businesses website here.



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