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All’s Fair In Art

by Nancy Heslin Contributor
January 26, 2023
All’s Fair In Art

Opera Gallery stands out on the international art market scene with a rich and diverse selection of works in Modern and Contemporary Art.

Opera Gallery is set to participate in numerousart fairs in 2023 to showcase a great selection of modern and contemporary artists.
“Art Fairs through the years have become more and more important for the Art market scene,” says Damien Simonelli, Opera Gallery Monaco Director. “Today they are essential and allow art dealers, galleries and collectors from all around the world to connect and meet in one place and for one purpose—ART.”

Founded in 1994, Opera Gallery has more than 14 spaces around the world including New York, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore among others. The gallery stands
out on the international scene by offering a rich and diverse selection of works in which the great names of Modern Art, such as Pablo Picasso,

Joan Miró and Marc Chagall, meet with more contemporary artists like Pierre Soulages and Manolo Valdés. Opera Gallery seeks to cultivate links between emerging and established artists.

In 2022, Opera Gallery presented selections of works by leading Modern and Post-War artists and included key figures of contemporary art. Through bridging contrasting approaches, Opera Gallery seeks to create dialogue between paintings, works on paper and sculptures from different periods, places and techniques and to celebrate the spirit and genius of those artists who, with their insight and vision, have produced outstanding works of art during their lifetime.

For 2023, Opera Gallery is set to, once again, exhibit works by contemporary artists such as Andy Denzler, Fred Eerdekens, Manolo Valdés or Anthony James, as well as established and renowned artists such as André Brasilier, Hermann Nitsch, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder and Jean Dubuffet among others.

Opera Gallery is proud to participate in 2023 to BRAFA Art Fair in Brussels, Masterpiece in London, SP-Arte in Sao Paulo, PAD in London and Paris and Art Paris and Fine Arts La Biennale in Paris, which will take place at the Grand Palais Éphémère at the end of the year.

The Gallery will be exhibiting in Asia, starting with Art Central in Hong Kong and Art Busan in Seoul, and will also be exhibiting in the U.S. at Salon Art and Design in New York, Art Miami and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary.

Additionally, the Opera Gallery participates every year in the prestigious Artmonte-carlo.



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