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Annual Meeting on Monaco's Healthcare Future: Minister Robino Engages with Students

September 11, 2023
Annual Meeting on Monaco's Healthcare Future: Minister Robino Engages with Students


On Thursday, September 7, Government Counselor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Mr. Christophe Robino, held his annual meeting with medical and pharmacy students and interns. The meeting was strategically timed to coincide with the French national procedure for student job placement following the 2023 ECNi exams, and just before the "Monaco for Employment" recruitment forum, in which the Princess Grace Hospital Center (CHPG) will participate.

Mr. Robino engaged in both in-person and virtual dialogues with medical and pharmacy students from the Principality. He invited them to discuss current and future healthcare needs in Monaco with representatives from the Medical Council, the Pharmacy Council, the Princess Grace Hospital Center, the Directorate of Health Action, and the Graduate Integration Commission. The aim was to enlighten them on the medical and pharmaceutical specialties that are and will be in demand in Monaco in the coming years, not only in private practices but also in healthcare institutions and essential medical positions within administrative services.

The meeting targeted students from their second to sixth year of medical school, medical interns, and future pharmacists. The objective was to sensitize them to the specialties that are and will be in high demand in Monaco's healthcare sector, including in private practices, healthcare institutions, and essential administrative medical positions.

Mr. Robino concluded the discussion by emphasizing the importance of recruiting well-trained professionals prepared to work in Monaco's healthcare institutions or private practices. "The sustainability and excellence of our healthcare system depend on recruiting professionals who are trained and prepared to work in our healthcare facilities or in private practice. Therefore, supporting our students in their educational journey is essential," he said.

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