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Auction of Stars’N’Bars Memorabilia in Monaco

July 10, 2024
Auction of Stars’N’Bars Memorabilia in Monaco

Artcurial Monaco

The Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco hosted a nostalgic auction yesterday, where over 200 pieces of memorabilia from the iconic Stars’N’Bars were sold. This event marked the end of an era following the venue’s closure in January 2023.

The auction featured an impressive array of items, including John Travolta's tuxedo, Rafael Nadal's signed outfit, Pavel Nedved's jersey, Sébastien Loeb's racing suit, and Michael Jordan's basketball jersey. These items were displayed at the Stars’N’Bars, a beloved establishment known for its American flair.

The auction, organized by Artcurial at the Hôtel Hermitage, included 212 lots from the Stars’N’Bars collection. While a few items were withdrawn or went unsold, the majority found new owners, highlighting the strong interest in these pieces of history.

Before the auction, the collection was displayed at Marius, the new establishment that replaced Stars’N’Bars and its successor Conscientiae. This preview allowed enthusiasts to take a final walk down memory lane, reflecting on 30 years of history where celebrities and locals alike contributed to the venue's legend.

The Belle Époque room was bustling with potential buyers, both in-person and online, all eager to own a piece of memorabilia. Approximately 50 bidders attended the event at the Hermitage, with over 100 participating via the internet and additional interest over the phone.

Among the noteworthy items was a bicycle ridden by Christian Taillefer, which sold for €13,000. Despite a bid of €12,500, Jérémy, who is working on establishing the first French mountain biking museum, left empty-handed.

Niall, a former partner of Stars’N’Bars and now associated with Marius, successfully bid nearly €15,000 for a Mick Doohan racing suit and a kart belonging to Jules Bianchi. "These items are part of the Stars’N’Bars heritage, and I wanted to preserve their DNA," Niall remarked.

Other significant sales included a replica of David Coulthard’s F1 helmet, which fetched €5,000, and a bike once owned by Tour de France champion Miguel Indurain, which sold for €17,000. In total, the auction raised €255,680.

One of the auction's highlights was a replica of Ayrton Senna’s iconic racing helmet, which sold for €2,500. This helmet, symbolizing the legacy of one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers, drew significant attention from collectors and fans alike. Senna's legendary status and connection to the world of motorsport made this item particularly special, adding a layer of historical significance to the auction.

Didier Rubiolo, the former owner of Stars’N’Bars, attended the auction filled with emotion. Alongside his late wife Kate, Didier accumulated these cherished items over three decades. "I didn't expect to feel this emotional, but as I left the restaurant today, I realized it was truly the end of an era," he said. "I’m glad the brand will endure, but it’s a big change. These items hold priceless value for me, and I’m happy to see them given new life."

Proceeds from the auction will support those who helped develop the new Marius concept and the Kate Foundation, which focuses on environmental causes.

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