40 Over 40

Bea Gasca

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
September 27, 2023
Bea Gasca

In the heart of central México, a young Bea Gasca began a journey that would inspire countless souls. Fuelled by an innate yearning for justice, diversity, and inclusion, her early days in public schools, a connection through her mother, lit the spark for community-building and feminist advocacy.

Bea’s story is not just one of acclaim but of unwavering determination. Her groundbreaking manual, “Equalizing Opportunities, a path towards inclusion,” has become a touchstone for businesses striving for inclusivity. This earned her the esteemed title of honoris causa not once, but three times. With leadership roles in giants like Whirlpool, Nestlé, and Aeroméxico, she consistently transformed organizational challenges into opportunities.

Her vision led to the birth of the Dalia Empower project, a haven for women’s empowerment. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone again with Human Endeavor, a consultancy revolutionizing HR solutions. Today, she’s carving out the future of HR with JobFit by Vensure in Houston, TX.

Every milestone in Bea’s life tells a tale of resilience. Recognized as a Rising Talent in 2017 by the Women’s Forum, she exemplifies leadership with her role at the Cherie Blair Foundation. She’s shattered ceilings, being the first pregnant Latina to grace the cover of “Human Capital Universe.” Bea’s profound impact on Mexico’s HR landscape also earned her a spot among the nation’s top 30 CHROs.

Globally, she’s shared her wisdom on stages like TED Talks and the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2021, she launched ‘Womanpalooza,’ highlighting the global issue of violence against women, alongside the Women Business Club, fostering female entrepreneurship.

As we await her 2024 book, detailing her support for women overcoming challenges, Bea’s legacy continues to grow. Her numerous awards, from Forbes Most Powerful Women Mexico to being among Richard Branson’s 50 Leaders of Latin America, are mere chapters in her incredible journey.

Today, as Bea Gasca stands as a Monaco 40 over 40 laureate, her story resonates deeply, transcending boundaries. She embodies hope, resilience, and determination, becoming an eternal source of inspiration for both men and women worldwide.


Dustin Plantholt


Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto,” is Monaco Voice's Editor-in-Chief. He is highly regarded for his contributions and impact in the world of disruptive technologies and media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has interviewed celebrities, won awards for NFT/Metaverse advisory, and is a highly sought-after panel moderator and global speaker. He has received from Forbes Monaco the prestigious  40 Under 40 award for his undisputed impact in innovating ideas and bringing people together, educating others about digital assets, and his commitment to excellence. 

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