Californian-inspired swimwear. How did a brand from Monaco become a major trendsetter in beach fashion wear?

August 08, 2022
Californian-inspired swimwear. How did a brand from Monaco become a major trendsetter in beach fashion wear?

Despite the fact that the territory of Monaco is just 2 square kilometers, local brands and industries are successfully building their business not only in the principality, but also abroad. 


What is the Principality famous for and what souvenirs should you take back from Monaco? Which Monegasque brands have made a famous name all over the world and have generated millions of dollars in sales? Monaco Voice is launching a series of articles on the most successful businesses and brands born in the Principality. 


Banana Moon - a beachwear brand from Monaco

Shops of this fashion brand you can see in shopping malls around the world. With its bright design, a wide range of swimwear and accessories for every occasion, whether it be a beach party or a jet surfing session. Banana Moon swimwear is available in over 55 countries and has become super popular all over the world, but few people know that the world famous brand is based in the tiny Principality of Monaco. 


Holiday inspirations 

The family-run company Banana Moon was founded in 1984 by husband and wife Daniel and Veronique Flacher and their friend Bernard Donati. The future partners met the young Californian designer Nat Maori and were inspired by his works. Combining business and fashion, they launched a beachwear brand. The name for the future weekend style trendsetter was born while on holiday! Colleagues were strolling around the port of Saint Laurent and saw two yachts called Banana Split and Chérie Moon. 


Collections with a Californian touch, quality materials and a huge selection of swimwear. It's no wonder that fashion looks by Banana Moon have ended up in the summer wardrobe of girls all over the world. In 2005 the company launched a underwear and pajamas line and in 2006 a couture line, Banana Moon Couture. 


Million-dollar turnover 

The Monaco-based brand has become the top-selling beachwear brand in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the US. With sales of 2.5 million swimwear per year, the company has turnover of 40 mil. euros. 


Made in Monaco

The company employs 100 staff and has innovative equipment and production facilities in the Principality. Some collections are handmade with super-tough lycra, which is 50% slower to wear out under the sun and salt water.  


You may ask, what is the secret to Banana Moon's success? Innovative materials, unique design or handmade production? Perhaps the company slogan "Life on the beach is better!", which millions of fashionistas around the world have loved for 30 years, has been the key to its success and has helped the small Monaco-based brand to become a world fashion trendsetter.  

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