Cosmopolitan Visionary Of the Media and Jewelry Industry Alina Dyachenko

January 24, 2023
Cosmopolitan Visionary Of the Media and Jewelry Industry Alina Dyachenko

For Alina Dyachenko, life should be all about balance, and that is why she has it as a primordial asset in both of her inspiring ventures. The CEO and Founder of Chic Icon magazine and DAKINI Jewellery is a cosmopolitan woman after living in several countries and getting to know different cultures. Having a BBA and two MBAs and encountering different cultures in the past years have strongly shaped her mind and her career as well, leading her to be an international entrepreneur. Being a cosmopolitan and flexible person is her biggest asset while running her two companies since this gives her a better and bigger perception of what the market is lacking. Through the consequence of this asset, she decided to share her personal philosophy through both of her ventures, trying to help create awareness of the importance of balance in all aspects of life.

Did you always see yourself as an entrepreneur?

AD: “I always knew that I was not going to be working for someone else.”

Where did you complete your studies?

AD: “I did my BBA in Russia, whilst doing it, I also did an exchange program in Finland, Italy, and the UK. Later on, I did two MBA degrees in Barcelona, Spain in International Business and Digital Marketing, and Business Administration.”

What city would you say is the one that formed you the most?

AD: “Barcelona and Dubai. Barcelona gave me a complete culture shock and challenge. It was the first time I was completely by myself in a city doing my MBA at 21, being the youngest in the group. It completely changed my vision of friends, family, relationships, and business. Dubai made me an adult person. I started my entrepreneurial career and a new stage in life with it. I became very responsible for my own life, my business, and all the decisions that I take.”

What would you say is the key to your success?

AD: “I believe the most important key to any success, is to do what you love. Everything comes easy when you find what you like and you work with determination. For me it was quite big,n before the magazine, I had some consulting businesses and some export imports also, which I didn't enjoy much. To make sure you are doing something valuable to society as well. All my businesses have a deep meaning behind them.”

What role do you think living in ten different countries played in your ventures?

AD: “This made me realize that if I had a business it would be a very international one. Experiencing different cultures made me believe we are all the same deep in the heart. When you start to respect and value other people as you value people of your own country and your own family, all the differences will disappear. Living in 10 countries around the world and experiencing so many cultures gives you a different perception of the world. We are all different in some ways, but our core as human beings remains the same. Like this, Chic Icon was shaped by my experiences, since it is a magazine that unites people from different cultures and explores distinct topics as well.”

How would you describe the essence of Chic Icon magazine?

AD: “The magazine is part of international events such as Miss World, Cannes Film Festival, and Venice Film Festival, CC Forum among others. We also try to support as much as we can charity events. Foundations we love are Miss World’s “Beauty with a Purpose” and "Better World Forum" due to their strong meaning. We are also media partners of Monaco Art Week and participated in some charity events at the Expo 2020 in Dubai.”

How does Chic Icon differ from other magazines, and what is its biggest strength?

AD: “Chic Icon differs from other magazines since it is the first luxury lifestyle magazine with a self-awareness approach, this is something nobody did before. We try to create awareness of the importance of balance in life, this is a very strong message unique to the magazine. Its
biggest strength is the fact that it possesses a 360-degree approach, which means we are able to approach clients on different levels, having a marketing and PR agency, the online magazine itself, events, and our concierge club, which has a lot of special advantages. And as a plus, next
year we are launching Chic Icon coffee table book.”

What is the biggest expectation set on Chic Icon Expedition Cruise to the Antarctic?

AD: “As a part of a concierge business we are launching a travel experience division, and Expedition Cruise to the Antarctic is the first unique travel experience we launch. It's gonna be a very exclusive expedition to the Antarctic on February 8-21st 2023, the experience is organized
by Chic Icon with the partnership of Swan Hellenic luxury cruises, and it will include unique flora and fauna sightseeing as well as a tailor-made retreat program on board with daily yoga, breathing classes and transcendental mediation with the world-known Dr. Tony Nader.”

When and how did you know you wanted to start a jewelry brand?

AD: “ I always loved fantasy jewelry. About ten years ago, I've been to Jaipur, which is very famous for its craftsman jewelry, there I met a family which is a tenth-generation jewelers, they are my friends now, and ever since then, I've been thinking about doing some jewelry, and
producing it with this family, because they are the best in what they do since they produce jewelry for high-end brands as well.”

What is the main idea behind the DAKINI brand?

AD: “The main idea is fine jewelry inspired by the wisdom of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India, Tibet, Inca, etc., and that possess a sacred power of them. A woman who wears DAKINI jewelry cultivates the inner goddess within her. DAKINI women are very wise, powerful, and feminine. The name Dakini in Buddhism means Goddess. It is a true manifestation of liberating energy in female form. My idea is that every woman has this source within herself, and she just needs to understand how it works and how to bring it to her life, and to people around her.”

Why did you choose Ophidia as the name for the first collection?

AD: “Ophidia translates as a snake from Sanskrit, and you can find out that a serpent is a powerful symbol, as it represents wisdom, eternity, and sacred energy in many ancient cultures. It has a strong meaning behind it in terms of power, source, and connection with
them. This is why I chose Ophidia as the theme for the first collection, I believe it has a unique and special message that aligns with the essence of the brand.”

Who are your ideal customers?

AD: “DAKINI is a modern successful woman, at the same time she's very feminine and spiritual, so she is creative and finding a perfect balance between spirituality and material things in life.”

How do you think being your brand’s face affects its marketing?

AD: “I believe it is hard to judge right now since we are just starting, but for me, it was really important to be the face of DAKINI because this brand is my baby, the vision of the brand is my vision and I'm transmitting my philosophy of life so it's important for me to be the face.”

What market would you choose to expand the jewelry brand to and why?

AD: “We are a Dubai-based company but next year we are planning to physically sell in multiple locations. The jewelry will be available online very soon."

Being the owner of two companies, what advice would you give to younger entrepreneurs? What are some challenges you overcame while creating this new brand?

AD: “Do something valuable and meaningful for society, and transmit a good message. Having pure intentions, and having a strong message are qualities that will make you successful. I believe nothing is a challenge when you do what you love. If you enjoy what you do, then there
is no such thing as a challenge.”

By Pia Maria (Contributor)
Photo: Kristina Bagana, MUAH: Jonida Gjinaj

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