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Dark Side of the Moon - A New Art Exhibition in Monaco

April 15, 2024
Dark Side of the Moon - A New Art Exhibition in Monaco

Monaco is set to host a remarkable art exhibition titled "Meta Areas in Dobiesław Gała's Reliefs: Dark Side of the Moon" at Galerie Espace 22, running from April 24th to May 15th, 2024. This event, curated by Dominika Janiak and co-curated by Nina Ijomone, promises to be a significant cultural event in the principality.

Dobiesław Gała, a distinguished artist hailing from Krakow and affiliated with the Academy of Fine Arts, is known for his unique reliefs that blend drawing and sculpture. His art has garnered international acclaim, presenting his works in esteemed galleries worldwide. Gała's creations are not just visually compelling but also serve as a medium for reflecting on critical contemporary issues such as environmental impact and the passage of time.

The upcoming Monaco exhibition, "Dark Side of the Moon," explores intriguing questions about the unknown aspects of our universe, encouraging visitors to ponder what might lie beyond the visible. The choice of theme resonates with Gała's philosophy of providing a "meta" perspective on reality, which allows for a higher-order cognitive reflection and encourages viewer interpretation without imposing any specific ideology.

Gała's career is decorated with numerous accolades, including the prestigious "Gloria Artis for Merit to Culture" medal awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland in October 2023. Having participated in over 90 solo and group exhibitions, Gała continues to influence and inspire the global art scene, including significant musicians like Edgar Abraham and Mirosław Muzykant, who have drawn inspiration from his work.

The exhibition is organized by Janiak Art, an establishment founded by Dominika Janiak, who is actively involved in promoting and supporting innovative art projects. For more information or inquiries about the exhibition, interested parties can contact Dominika Janiak via email at or phone at +48 794 754 328.

This event is a must-visit for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts in Monaco, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the profound artistic expressions of Dobiesław Gała and to delve into the depths of artistic and existential inquiry.


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