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Discover the Magic of Figure Skating in the South of France with Yulia Perminova

July 13, 2023
Discover the Magic of Figure Skating in the South of France with Yulia Perminova

Envision a scorching summer along the southern coast of France where you're about to take an unexpected plunge into a winter wonderland, experiencing sheer joy and excitement alongside your family and friends. This intriguing blend of seasonal atmospheres is brought to life by none other than Yulia Perminova, a figure skating maestro, who takes you on an enthralling expedition into the realm of figure skating.

Yulia Perminova's story is as riveting as her skating lessons. Learn about her journey of starting her own business, her insights into why figure skating stands out among sports activities, and the distinct nuances between skating sessions in the United States and Europe.

A Glide into the Past: Yulia's Figure Skating Journey

Yulia's first brush with figure skating was sparked by a sibling rivalry when her elder sister received ice skates as a gift. At the tender age of five, Yulia ventured into an ice-skating section, driven by an ambition to outdo her sister and simply learn how to skate. As her proficiency grew, so did her passion, leading her to advanced levels and victories in local competitions. Eventually, she ventured to the United States with her family to train under the tutelage of Olympic Champion Coach Rafael Arutunyan, acquiring the highest qualifications in the process.

Living in America was a transformative experience for Yulia. Coming from a small town in the Urals, she was enthralled by the lifestyle and development she saw in the U.S. But perhaps the most pivotal part of her American journey was training with some of the world's most acclaimed ice skaters. Yulia honed her skills under Rafael Arutunyan, who imparted unique figure skating techniques that would serve her even as her body evolved over time.

This progressive approach to figure skating, combined with Rafael's ability to identify and nurture each student's unique talent, had a profound impact on Yulia. Rafael noticed her flair for coaching others, a prediction that would eventually become Yulia's calling. Witnessing the delight on the faces of children and adults alike when they witness their skating progress is a reward she cherishes deeply.

The decision to leave the United States and her professional figure skating career was driven by medical and financial circumstances. However, this led to Yulia discovering her talent for coaching and realizing her passion for the sport. She began giving private lessons at an ice rink in Nice, France, during the weekends. It was there, while coaching, that she realized she couldn't live without this engagement.

 A Leap into Entrepreneurship: Yulia's Unique Methodology

Relocating to Paris for university, Yulia juggled her studies with roles in large international companies, gaining valuable experience in HR and Marketing. However, none of these roles sparked the same emotions in her as teaching ice skating did. She recognized her unique methodology for coaching beginners and realized her passion could be transformed into a thriving business.

Yulia's lessons are built around the idea that anyone can easily learn ice skating with the right techniques. With a personalized approach for each student, she ensures a sense of achievement after every lesson. Based on techniques gleaned from multiple international top coaches and choreographers, her methods are designed to boost confidence in adults, bring joy to children and parents, and make everyone feel more comfortable on the ice.

The southern part of France was the natural choice for Yulia's business. She fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle, the healthier climate, and the proximity to her parents who lived in Antibes. Plus, the essence of French Art of Living added a unique vibe to her coaching style, which she felt she couldn't replicate in the hustle and bustle of Paris.

From Theory to Practice: A Look into Yulia's Classes

Yulia's ice skating lessons cater to a broad audience, ranging from adults seeking a unique sport activity, fitness, skin rejuvenation, overcoming fears, and boosting confidence to children and teenagers wanting to stay active, healthy, and enhance their coordination and analytical skills. Even children as young as three years can start learning figure skating in an engaging game-like environment.

Classes are conducted in Nice, with group and private lessons offered on the ground in Monaco, Cannes, and Nice. Whether it's helping school children find creative solutions to complex problems or guiding adults through intense cardio, static, and yoga training, Yulia ensures her students experience the sheer joy and exhilaration of skating.

For those who desire privacy, she provides the option to rent a private ice rink. Companies can even book team-building sessions on the ice, improving communication, fostering trust, and boosting team synergy.

Joining the Skating Journey: Here's What You Need to Know

To start your ice skating journey, all you need are ice skates, gloves, and comfortable sport clothes. Professional skaters spend 80% of their time training on the ground, and Yulia believes that these sessions are critical for preparing for ice skating. Training on the ground helps students learn difficult exercises easily and efficiently.

Yulia's dream is to launch a zero-net-carbon ice skating rink in Monaco, saving her students from the principality the two-hour drive to Nice. In the meantime, if you want to experience the magic of figure skating under Yulia's expert guidance, you can reach out to her on Instagram @ii_perminova, call her at +33642506290, or email her at

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