40 Over 40

Evander Holyfield

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
June 05, 2023
Evander Holyfield

In the vibrant and varied world of sports, one man stands tall as the embodiment of grit, determination, and unyielding spirit—Evander Holyfield. Holyfield is an inspiring figure whose extraordinary story goes beyond the boxing ring. Today, we rejoice as he joins the distinguished Monaco 40 over 40 list, a testament to his ongoing vitality and relevance.

If you’re lucky enough to know Holyfield personally, as I do, you’ll find that the dynamic energy and determination we see on the screen only capture a small part of his true character. Behind his robust persona, which has been the foundation of his career, is an incredibly warm and compassionate individual. This unique combination is as charming as it is captivating.

And this isn’t just something you’d notice if you met him—it’s a constant presence in my life. Each day, I receive an uplifting message from Holyfield. These messages aren’t merely words. They are lifelines that serve as reminders that I’m not alone. He’s always there, ready to offer a comforting word, a virtual pat on the back, and an assurance that he stands by my side. His daily notes are a testament to his character, a beacon of support and encouragement in this journey of life. His messages often remind me to remain humble and grateful, teachings that have deeply enriched my life.

Holyfield is more than a participant in the thrilling world of boxing; he is a cornerstone. His professional journey shines with victories and prestigious titles, including the undisputed championship in two weight classes. However, his impressive list of titles is not what sets him apart. It's the unstoppable spirit he brings into the ring—a true embodiment of the human will to overcome challenges.

Standing alongside him is his extraordinary wife, Shevon. Shevon isn't just remarkable for her understanding, compassion, and unwavering spirit. She's also an accomplished attorney, a testament to her intelligence and perseverance. Their union, a joyous event I had the privilege of attending, represents more than just their personal happiness. It underscores that Holyfield has found a partner who matches his own strength and resilience. Shevon's role in Holyfield's journey affirms the saying that behind every great man is indeed an incredible woman.

Holyfield's recent induction into the Monaco 40 over 40 list is just another remarkable achievement in a life already filled with them. This honor represents not just his boxing accomplishments, but also his ability to defy time, remaining a key figure in a sport that demands physical toughness and mental fortitude.

His achievements show us a man who refuses to let age limit him. His ongoing contributions to the sport and society are a testament to this. Holyfield's story inspires us all, reaffirming the belief that the human spirit is timeless and capable of achieving greatness at any age.

It is an honor to welcome Evander Holyfield, my friend, to the Monaco 40 over 40 list. We celebrate not just the boxing legend, but also the man he is outside the ring—a loving husband, a steadfast friend, a doting father, and an inspiration to us all. His journey serves as a reminder that toughness, perseverance, and a kind heart are the real hallmarks of a champion, truly making him “The Real Deal”.


Dustin Plantholt


Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto,” is Monaco Voice's Editor-in-Chief. He is highly regarded for his contributions and impact in the world of disruptive technologies and media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has interviewed celebrities, won awards for NFT/Metaverse advisory, and is a highly sought-after panel moderator and global speaker. He has received from Forbes Monaco the prestigious  40 Under 40 award for his undisputed impact in innovating ideas and bringing people together, educating others about digital assets, and his commitment to excellence. 

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