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Champion’s Creed

by Evander Holyfield Contributor
November 19, 2023
Champion’s Creed

From my earliest days in the ring, three guiding principles my mother instilled in me have shaped my journey both as a boxer and as a man. These values — listening, following directions, and the crucial importance of never quitting — have been my compass through life's battles.

The significance of these lessons became clear when I faced my first defeat in boxing. My mother’s words echoed powerfully: face defeat, but don’t flee from it. She taught me that the decision to change paths should come only after success, not in defeat’s shadow. This philosophy forged in me a resilience that has defined my career and life.

This ethos wasn’t limited to boxing; it applied to every aspect of life. Whether it was football or any other challenge, the rule was simple yet profound: start what you finish. This approach forced me to confront my passions, to distinguish fleeting interests from true love and dedication.

In the boxing ring, I learned about more than just toughness. My coach, a wise old sage, taught me to look beyond appearances and understand the strategy and finesse of boxing. “The art of the game is to hit the guy and not get hit,” he would say. This lesson revealed to me the sport's strategic depth and the importance of a balanced offense and defense.

As I matured from a young boxer to a seasoned adult, so did my philosophy. It’s about honesty, not only with others but with oneself. This self-awareness and integrity drive my discipline and training, ensuring that I bring my best to every fight. My standard for success is deeply personal: to be beaten only at my best.

At the heart of my life's philosophy is my faith. Prayer is not a reactive measure but a proactive foundation. “Prayers prevent bad things from happening,” I’ve always believed, advocating for a mindset of gratitude and foresight.

These principles have not only shaped my career in the ring but have guided every aspect of my life. My journey, underscored by enduring values and the lessons of youth, is about relentless pursuit of excellence, grounded in wisdom and lived with unshakeable faith and integrity.

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Evander Holyfield


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