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Experiential Yachting: A New Concept Or An Evolution of Yachting?

by Maria Alekseenko Magan Senior Contributor
January 21, 2023
Experiential Yachting: A New Concept Or An Evolution of Yachting?

Lifestyle investments are now worth the same as a collection of diversified assets.  The value of memories, new discoveries and authentic experiences—environmental, cultural, philanthropic and educational—are the new precious “objects” to collect along with watches, cars and art.  And a yacht is certainly one of the best platforms for this, as it combines mobility, security, comfort and adventure, which leaves brokerage houses and industry players scrambling for more creative approaches to get people on board.

As the world’s two recognized yachting capitals, Monaco and Fort Lauderdale are uniting to enter a new era of yachting. Yacht expeditions in remote regions, from the Antarctica to Papua New Guinea, and even Tanzania, are booming in popularity among international yachting connoisseurs.

Meanwhile wealthy millennials and generation Z prefer to immerse themselves into the world of yachting through unusual experiences, like exploring the largest living tortoise species and environmental initiatives in the Galapagos Islands or learning about indigenous cultures of Chilean Patagonia from aboard of a yacht.Leading shipyards recognise the modern vision on yacht ownership and what’s required during and after the process of new-builds. It’s not only about how the yacht should look, which features it should have and how it will perform, but also what value the use of the vessel will add to a lifestyle. From so called “pocket explorers,” long-range yachts with excellent seaworthiness, (builds, for example, by Italian-based shipyard Cantiere delle Marche ) to real expedition water-castles over-80m, (builds by such leading shipyards as for example Oceanco, Feadship, Lurssen )—potential buyers dictate the desire to own a particularized experience, rather than just owning a vessel. A recent example of the extreme expedition yacht concept is Esquel, unveiled by Dutch shipyard Oceanco in February. The 105m multi-purpose superyacht project features an ice-strengthened hull and Polar Classification and relies on diesel-electric propulsion framework that can provide dependable green power in any remote part of the world. All parties, including yacht owners, yacht builders and yacht crew will plunge into a contrasting lifestyle where the ultimate luxury and safety meets enterprising challenges far outside of the comfort zone. 

Today’s yachting industry, with its superyachts, reputable crew and tempting destinations, refers to the origins of sailing, which are to explorer new horizons, to set new challenges and to reveal one’s own potential. 


Maria Alekseenko Magan

Senior Contributor

Maria Alekseenko Magan, is a Monaco-based yachting entrepreneur, founder of Experiential Yachting, with 13 years of background in retail yacht charters,  business development consulting and superyacht new-builds. She knows yachting from both sides: as a professional and also as a charterer and former family member of a yacht owner. She is also an expert in Holisitic Yachting, connecting the longevity and preventive health sectors with the yachting industry. 

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