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Faraj Abutalibov

April 22, 2023
Faraj Abutalibov

Faraj Abutalibov: A Seasoned Executive with Diverse Experience

With 15 years of experience in corporate, startup, and venture capital sectors, Faraj Abutalibov has built an impressive career. As the founder of Crypto Executives community, he leads a group of over 2000 C-level executives from cryptocurrency companies, earning the Crypto Hub of the Year award from AIBC in 2022. Faraj is also the co-founder of FD Capital investment firm connecting institutional finance to large infrastructure crypto protocols and the Co-founder and CBDO of Eywa Cross-chain Data Protocol building decentralized bridges between all major blockchains. 

Faraj, a proud holder of an MBA from Warwick University (UK), and earned an alumni status at Harvard Business School by completing a Senior Executive Leadership program. Having made Dubai his home for over ten years, he is a dedicated husband and a caring father to his three delightful children.

For further information and to connect with Faraj, visit his LinkedIn profile: ▫️ https://linkedin.com/in/farajabutalibov

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