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Success by default

by Alexander Agafiev Editor-at-Large
June 20, 2023
Success by default

Before becoming an author for the new success generation, Ms. K found herself in a state of confinement, restricted to the observation of departing planes through her hotel window at Heathrow Airport. It was during this time of isolation that she began to find her voice.

Katerina Rusakova, better known in her debut guidebook as Ms. K, had never considered the possibility of becoming a writer or success coach. In fact, it was a series of unexpected events that led her down this path. It all began during the autumn term of her second year of university when she embarked on a journey from Russia to London. As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, a routine flight from an "amber list" country didn’t seem like the worst-case scenario at the time. Yet, on this occasion, events took an unexpected turn, the journey that was supposed to take a mere few hours and a few costly PCR tests turned into a nightmare of being suspended for almost 4,5 hours at passport control and a forced quarantine. London was getting ready for Christmas.

Katerina's attempts to break free from her quarantine confines at Heathrow Airport proved futile, as she soon realized. The price of insubordination at the time skyrocketed to a whopping 10,000 pounds, with local authorities becoming stricter and endlessly warning of dire consequences, calling, or even visiting on a regular basis.

As the suffocating grip of panic attacks subsided within the limits of a soundproof hotel room, a distant voice began to emerge. It was during this time of isolation and self- reflection that Ms K discovered her true calling. In the painful silence, she could finally hear her own thoughts, so she began to pen them down.

The pre-pandemic era was marked by a frenzied pace of life, bordering on the overwhelming. Yet, with the advent of the global pandemic, individuals were left with naught but their smartphones and access to the internet, triggering a veritable maelstrom of activity on social media platforms. From constant cancel culturing, fashion influencing, banana bread baking and Doja Cat tictoc dance making, the young generation was hit by a tidal wave of pressure. This pressure resulted in triggering the most painful and hurting places, whether it be heartbreaks, emotional traumas, family issues, not fitting in, or simply just not catching up to what the internet saw as perfect.

“In all honesty I just started writing notes on my phone reflecting on my experiences, emotional battles and battles of others that influenced my journey at different stages.” Recalled Katerina. “After the pandemic, I started to witness a great break between generations and how many people were left out in the blue, whether it be in a physical and mental sense.”

Her book is not just a motivational guide to help the ambitious. It’s more of an emotional walk through stages of what we now see as a healing process. It’s just like one of those talks you have with a good friend and a large cup of tea on a rainy day, pouring out and reorganizing everything that has been put on the back shelf for so long. And this is exactly the mission Ms. K took on with all delicacy, diplomacy, strength and kindness.

“Sometimes we just need to be heard, sometimes we need to know that we are not the only ones going through this life and battles alone.” Says Katerina. “People on the verge of turning away need to hear “what if”. What if everything works out the way you always wanted?”

Why Ms K? And not Katerina?
-Mononyms are becoming a trend due to the societies hunger for equity and equality.
I didn’t want my reader to be attached to a stereotype. I wanted my readers to share with me identity recognition, expectations, dreams and goals.

Why is success a default?
- “Success is a result of failure. Because failure means you have tried. The next step is to simply try again. I believe in the new generation greatly. And I believe that with healing and support there comes balance and peace. And it is there that we eventually find our talent and our purpose which we are obliged to share with our fellow citizens of planet earth.”

The author’s journey serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected circumstances lead to the most needed realizations. Katerina continues to inspire others with her story of resilience and determination. Leaving us enlightened and aware of the responsible influence we have, whether it be saving the planet from climate change or becoming an influencer for future generations.

Katerina's journey and insights are beautifully encapsulated in her debut guidebook. For those interested in embarking on a similar journey of self-discovery and success, her book is available for purchase on Amazon.


Alexander Agafiev


Alexander is a Monaco resident and former tech contributing writer for Forbes Monaco. 

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