40 Under 40

Firàs Safieddine

May 16, 2023
Firàs Safieddine

Firas, a Monaco 40 under 40 recipient, is a groundbreaking innovator straddling the domains of architecture, design, art, ecology, and neurotechnology. He is the visionary behind "Electrical Ecologies", an ambitious initiative aiming to create the world's first architecture brain implant.

He is the founder of Spatial Forces, a forward-thinking spatial design practice, and Chief Architect at Gamium, a leading metaverse and digital identity company. Additionally, he co-founded Urbanitarian, a top-tier urban design resource archive, and contributes as an author and board member for UrbanNext, an online platform driving architectural innovation.

With a keen interest in the intersection of cognition and architecture, Firas leads NeurotechBCN, the Barcelona chapter of NeurotechX, initiating the Annual NeuroTechX Global Hackathon.

Firas's impressive portfolio includes globally exhibited projects like "Emergent Topographies" at the Global AI Summit, Expo Dubai 2020, Leap Riyadh, and more. As an educator, he shares his expertise as a jury member and lecturer at esteemed Master's programs and thought hubs.

His remarkable achievements have earned him 18 international awards in architecture and design, along with accolades for his artistic endeavors, including being a national winner at the Red Bull Doodle Art global competition and a two-time winner at the Global AI Artathon.

Firas holds a Bachelor's in Architecture from the University of Balamand, a Master's from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and certifications from MIT. This Monaco 40 under 40 recognition further cements his influential role in shaping the future of spatial design and neurotechnology.

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