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FIVE PADEL CUP, the new unmissable padel event!

April 14, 2023
FIVE PADEL CUP, the new unmissable padel event!

The FIVE PADEL CUP makes its beginning! From 17th to 19th April, BSG SRL of Rome invited personalities (sports but not only...) to participate to the tournament- event, organized around the practice of padel. Three days to celebrate the growth of this discipline, through the competition and various parallel initiatives. These will be conducted between the Principality of Monaco and the village of Eze, host of this first edition.

Let's go for the FIVE PADEL CUP! From April 17 to 19, in the wake of the traditional Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament (April 8-16), lovers of the little yellow ball will be able to prolong the pleasure and watch the final sets of their dream week, in the heart of the beautiful village of Eze. But this time, padel will be the center of all attentions. Three days entirely dedicated to this discipline, that's what BSG SRL of Rome is proposing with the organization of the FIVE PADEL CUP, an event with multiple stakes, where the stars will not be missed... What to participate in a concrete way to the rise of what many consider to be the most playful racket sport.

And for good reason! Padel is the perfect balance between conviviality, sharing (matches are played in doubles), physical effort and competition, for the most experienced. Accessible to all because of the ease of learning, the simplicity of the rules, the design of the equipment and the conditions of play... everything has been planned to leave no one on the sidelines. "It is an activity that attracts. The beauty of padel is also in the diversity of the profiles of his players, more and more numerous in Italy and around the world" says Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO (chief executive officer) of BSG SRL.


It’s in this sense that the FIVE PADEL CUP has been imagined. This sporting event, born from the synergy between the entities of BSG SRL of Rome*, has for main objective "to highlight the universality of this sport by inviting at the same time and in an exceptional setting*, personalities from different horizons. It’s an opportunity for all participants to meet around a common interest", says Roberta Ceccarelli.

As the name suggests, the FIVE PADEL CUP will bring together five tournaments that will take place simultaneously over two days (18-19)* at the Eze tennis/padel club, which will be entirely privatized for the event.

The organized competitions will be the following:

- Youth tournament, mixed (winners of a contest set up by the Italian radio ZETA + members of the Eze padel school)
- Women’s tournament (Italian professionals + winners of the tournaments organized by MOVIMENTO PADEL FEMMINILE, an association dedicated to amateur players)

- Tournament for wheelchair padel players (all Italians + a French player of high level, from Nice, Dorian Navarro )

- Tournament of Managers / Business personalities - Tournament dedicated to sports VIPs

Schedule of the three days:

Monday April 17: Presentation cocktail with players, guests, partners... from 8 pm,

Fairmont hotel, Monaco.

Tuesday, April 18: Beginning of the matches at the tennis/padel club of Eze at 10 am, until 6 pm (all categories). An aperitif with the participants is planned on the spot shortly after 6 pm and the end of the games, for this first day of competition.
Meal planned with the guests... at Crazy Pizza, Monaco, from 9 pm.

Wednesday April 19: Matches from 10 am to 6 pm (all categories). END OF THE COMPETITIONS
Gala evening at Twiga, Monaco, with guests, players, sponsors, partners... from 9 pm.


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