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Glamour and Grandiosity: The Monegasque's Dive into Monaco's High Society

by Alexander Agafiev Editor-at-Large
December 08, 2023
Glamour and Grandiosity: The Monegasque's Dive into Monaco's High Society

Launching soon is “The Monegasque™ " , a magazine that promises to redefine the landscape of high society publications. Under the stewardship of Luiz Costa Macambira, former Forbes CEO and publisher, this magazine is assembling a star-studded lineup of contributors, ranging from boxing legend Evander Holyfield to Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, along with various royal family members. “The Monegasque™ ” seeks to become the quintessential source on contemporary Monaco, a publication that not only showcases extraordinary individuals and exclusive locations but also offers an insider's view into the lives of some of the world’s most fascinating people.

Costa Macambira, with his extensive experience in the media industry, sees Monaco as a place of enchanting stories and unique charm. He challenges the conventional Western perception of business and wealth, arguing that billionaires, especially the self-made ones, often embody a sense of eccentricity and boldness. According to him, these traits are essential for their success and are abundantly present in the luxurious haven of Monaco.

To realize his vision for “The Monegasque™ ,” Costa Macambira is curating a team of renowned writers and editors, emphasizing the importance of collaboration to create a publication that reflects the essence of modern Monaco society. He aims to foster an environment where creativity and sophistication coexist, aligning with the magazine’s ethos.

For Costa Macambira, “The Monegasque™ ” is more than just a new business venture; it represents the pinnacle of his career in the media industry. Leveraging his experience with Forbes, where he curated content for an affluent readership, he aims to take this expertise to new heights with “The Monegasque™,” focusing on delivering content that embodies elegance and pertinence.

The impending launch of the magazine is generating considerable excitement in Monaco and the global publishing sphere. “The Monegasque™ ” promises to provide an exclusive window into the world of the ultra-rich, offering access to the finest products and experiences, along with deep insights into the lives of the wealthy elite.

This is especially significant in Monaco, which boasts the highest concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals worldwide. “The Monegasque™ ” , is offering premium advertisers a unique platform to reach an affluent audience, with the magazine available in both digital and print formats.

In essence, “The Monegasque ™ ” is poised to become a revolutionary force in luxury publications. Under Costa Macambira’s leadership, it aims to provide readers with a close-up view of the mesmerizing stories that define Monaco’s elite. The magazine’s focus on extraordinary personalities and exclusive locations is set to make it the authoritative source on modern Monaco society. Additionally, its multi-faceted approach presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to showcase their brands to a wealthy demographic. As the launch nears, it is evident that “The Monegasque™ ” will become an essential resource for those eager to delve into the opulent world of Monaco's ultra-wealthy.


Alexander Agafiev


Alexander is a Monaco resident and former tech contributing writer for Forbes Monaco. 

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