Goals for Good: FIGHT AIDS CUP 2024

January 11, 2024
Goals for Good: FIGHT AIDS CUP 2024

In a vibrant display of commitment and celebration, the FIGHT AIDS CUP returns for its fourth edition on January 22, 2024, at the Louis II stadium. More than just a football match, this event, featuring the BARBAGIUANS and CIRQUE FC, becomes a confluence of sports, solidarity, and social responsibility, with the world's leading football stars and legends participating in support of FIGHT AIDS MONACO.

Louis Ducruet, President of the Barbagiuans of Monaco and nephew of Prince Albert II, expresses his pride in the growing enthusiasm and impact of the event. "The FIGHT AIDS CUP has set various records in terms of sponsorship and donations," he notes, emphasizing the event's success in rallying support for a cause dear to the princely family. His words resonate with a deep commitment to charitable values.

This commitment is mirrored by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the driving force behind FIGHT AIDS MONACO. Celebrating two decades of tireless work against HIV, she stands as a beacon of hope and relentless dedication. Her leadership has elevated the association's actions and re-centered this global fight within the principality's consciousness. "With advances in research, treatments, screening… we have the means to eradicate the spread of the epidemic," she asserts, emphasizing the ongoing need for awareness and action.

The FIGHT AIDS CUP, while a new addition to Monaco's philanthropic landscape, draws its spirit from a longstanding tradition of the Princely Family's involvement in sport and charity. Louis Ducruet's involvement is a continuation and rejuvenation of this legacy. "I can never thank my son enough for this wonderful initiative," H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie states, highlighting the personal and emotional connection to the event.

The 2024 edition of the FIGHT AIDS CUP is set to be a landmark event, coinciding with significant anniversaries - the centenary of Prince Rainier III and the 50th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival. Louis Ducruet reveals plans to honor these milestones, including a special "collector's jersey" to commemorate his grandfather's centenary. These elements add a layer of historical and emotional depth to the event, linking past and present in a meaningful celebration.

As anticipation builds for the match, the players, including international football legends, prepare to deliver a spectacle that goes beyond the boundaries of sport. French international Robert Pires, a regular participant, reflects on the importance of the event in promoting solidarity through sport. "We're here to support an association... it's a state of mind that suits me," he shares, encapsulating the essence of the FIGHT AIDS CUP as more than just a game.

In summary, the FIGHT AIDS CUP of 2024 stands as a powerful testament to the enduring power of community, compassion, and change. Through the combined efforts of Louis Ducruet, H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, and countless others, it shines as a beacon of hope, merging the thrill of sport with the heart of humanitarianism.

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