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Government Engages with Key Employment Stakeholders in Monaco

June 22, 2023
Government Engages with Key Employment Stakeholders in Monaco

In a move to address employment and recruitment challenges in the Principality of Monaco, His Excellency the Minister of State convened an important meeting with key industry stakeholders. Notably present were Mr. Christophe Robino, the Minister of Social Affairs and Health; Mr. Jean Castellini, the Minister of Finance and Economy; Mr. Frederic Genta, the Delegate in charge of attractiveness and digital transition; and Ms. Laurence Garino, the Chief of Staff.

The conference was designed to serve as a platform for constructive dialogue around the pressing employment issues in the Principality. The Minister of State expressed his eagerness to understand firsthand the experiences of the employers and representatives from Monaco's diverse economic sectors.

The participants were given the opportunity to reflect on the existing support measures implemented by the government, targeted at ensuring full employment and perpetuating the high standard of recruitment and economic activity in Monaco. The policies were evaluated for their effectiveness and the feedback gathered will play a vital role in refining future strategies.

During the interactive session, participants voiced their concerns, issues, and proposed potential solutions. Topics discussed ranged from recruitment challenges in an ever-evolving job market to the need for more targeted training programs for job seekers. They also addressed the impact of digital transition on the job market and the necessity for upskilling in this area.

The Princely Government diligently took note of the comprehensive information presented during the meeting. They committed to scrutinizing the collected data to identify common themes and pressing issues. The intention is to use this invaluable input to develop effective proposals that will be implemented in the near future.

The Minister of State underscored the importance of such meetings, highlighting that they facilitate ongoing dialogue with economic actors. This interaction aids in the development and execution of concrete, targeted measures. It's part of the government's strategic approach to providing robust support to job creators in the Principality.

This conference is just the beginning of a series of such engagements aimed at fostering a collaborative environment between the government and the employment sector. Together, they hope to steer the Principality of Monaco towards a future of thriving employment and sustained economic growth.

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