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Grand Bal des Princes et des Princesses: A Night of Royal Splendor at Cannes

April 09, 2024
Grand Bal des Princes et des Princesses: A Night of Royal Splendor at Cannes

On May 22, during the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, the "Grand Bal des Princes et des Princesses" is set to unveil its magic and beauty at the Carlton Cannes. This enchanting event, taking place in the very Grand Salon where Alfred Hitchcock captured Grace Kelly's elegance in the film "To Catch a Thief" in 1955, promises a night where glamour meets grandeur.

The ball aims to immerse attendees in a princely atmosphere, inviting them to step away from everyday life and into a world of fairy-tale fantasies and mystical dreams. The event will feature exquisite banquets, breathtaking performances, and the presence of the finest dancers, artists, musicians, and performers, ensuring a captivating experience for all guests.

Dress code for the evening encourages attendees to embody the splendor of nobility, with gentlemen expected in ceremonial military uniforms, tailcoats or tuxedos, and ladies in prestigious grand ball gowns and tiaras. The event aspires to create a regal aura, with guests swirling around in a majestic atmosphere that echoes the splendor Monaco is renowned for.

Delia Grace Noble, an opera singer and UNICEF ambassador, takes the helm as the artistic director, striving to bring to life the most magical artistic fantasies and deepest emotions. This year's Grand Bal also serves a charitable purpose, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Princess Grace Foundation of Monaco, which supports humanitarian projects for children and students through cultural projects.

Set against the backdrop of Cannes, this year's edition dedicated to Princess Grace is a testament to the enduring legacy of Grace Kelly, promising an unforgettable evening of romance, royalty, and refinement.

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