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Here Is How The First Stocks Tracking AI Data Platform Can Shape The Future Of Investors

January 24, 2023
Here Is How The First Stocks Tracking AI Data Platform Can Shape The Future Of Investors

The Stocks Trading AI data platform has strategically built insider components that can assist in automatic trading and choose a program with its customized technical indicators that work closely with a robot to develop a system to help investors know the precise time and types of stock they should invest in. One app popular among Monegasque investors is Spiking. This tracking app is one application akin to the first 'Stocks Trading Artificial Intelligence application' that provides a crystal clear form of insider trading to its users. This comprehensive system aggregates, sorts, and analyzes big data by saving time for many investors. 

Spiking is the only Stock market application to have received the Feefo Gold Trusted Service award for the second consecutive year in 2021 and 2022. It has also received the Two Comma Club award for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. This award is distributed only when a company touches the landmark of 1 million USD from selling their services online. The National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore, under the Interactive and Digital Media Strategic Research Programme officially supports the platform. 

The CEO of the Spiking Tracking app is a Fintech maestro and wealth coach; Dr. Clemen Chiang believes in empowering people with essential wisdom to earn to gain huge profits in the stock market. Moreover, he is a Certified Bitcoin Professional, advising public companies as an independent director and advisor. Playing multiple roles as the Founder of the Bitcoin Institute, a leading expert on ICO bench and an advisor to the Mars Blockchain Group,  Dr. Chiang also wrote the book 'Spiking to the Moon: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Whales In The Cryptocurrency Market' which claimed some of the very effective specifications that collected praises for his work. Spiking has been reviewed as user-friendly, affordable, regulatory, payment methods are all accessible, and the overall trading experience is positive. 

The application can be downloaded for free from App Store and Play Store that has also spiked subscribers’ profits by a hundred percent in just a day. When asked about his thoughts on Insider Trading, Dr. Clemen stated, "Many of us are familiar with the drawbacks of making investments in an unknown sector; hence we have a platform that can solve such problems. All the public, substantial information about a company's stock trades is available. All the selling and buying patterns are tracked by an AI robot and distinguished along with which stocks have the highest probability of performing well. We created this application to help people know the insider secrets based on actual figures related to a specific stock they want to invest in". 

The company's objective is to help subscribers make an investment with maximum profit in minimum time. Hence, achieving up to 100 percent profit in one day. The AI robot can catch such spikes in the trades and notify the subscribers. With such immense mileage, in the near future, with the Stock Tracking app, people should invest in stock trading with this secret application and explore the wide range of public companies in the US stock market.

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