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Historic McLaren Owned by Mika Häkkinen to Feature at Prestigious Monaco Auction

April 16, 2024
Historic McLaren Owned by Mika Häkkinen to Feature at Prestigious Monaco Auction


A unique piece of automotive and sports history will go under the hammer at the upcoming Monaco auction titled "Les Grandes Marques à Monaco." The auction, organized by Bonhams|Cars, is set to feature a 2013 McLaren P1 Coupé Validation Prototype 3 (VP3), the first McLaren ever owned by the renowned Formula 1 World Champion, Mika Häkkinen.

This particular McLaren P1 is not just any supercar; it is one of the seven ‘VP’ (Validation Prototype) cars and was the lead vehicle in McLaren's durability testing program. It is noteworthy that VP3 is the only Validation Prototype ever to be offered at auction. Each prototype car came with a special booklet that details its role in the testing phase, enhancing its historical value. The accompanying booklet includes test notes, providing a deeper insight into the car's significant past.

The 2013 McLaren P1 was a landmark in automotive engineering when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, marking a new era of hypercars. Only 375 units were built, with the entire production run selling out by the end of that year. Häkkinen’s P1 has been specially tailored by McLaren Special Operations to meet his exact specifications, making it an even more exclusive offering.

Adding to its allure, the new owner of this hypercar will receive a one-day driving and racing instruction from Häkkinen himself, at a location of their choosing. This unique opportunity adds a personal touch from one of the racing world's legends, enhancing the collectible nature of the P1.

The auction will also feature a nod to Häkkinen's early racing days with the sale of a 1982 Finnkart 85cc SF A1. This kart, estimated to fetch between €3,000 and €5,000, carried Häkkinen to victories in his youth, including a win at the Ronnie Peterson Memorial Championship and a second place in the Finnish Karting Championship (Formula Mini Series) of 1982.

Scheduled for May 10, the auction promises to attract collectors and enthusiasts eager to own a piece of motorsport and automotive history. The estimated price for the McLaren ranges between €1,500,000 and €2,000,000, reflecting its rarity and historical importance. This sale not only highlights the enduring legacy of Mika Häkkinen but also the pinnacle of automotive design and performance that the McLaren P1 represents.

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