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Historic Summit at Vatican Sets Stage for Future of Global Innovation and Cooperation

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
June 02, 2024
Historic Summit at Vatican Sets Stage for Future of Global Innovation and Cooperation

As the master of ceremonies at the World Changers Summit, held at the Vatican’s venerable Pontifical Academy of Sciences on May 29, 2024, I was privileged to witness a remarkable convergence of global leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. These visionary figures, united by a shared goal to address critical global issues, gathered to explore innovative solutions. This year’s summit, building on the foundational dialogues from the inaugural event on July 5, 2023, underscored our ongoing commitment to impactful and sustainable global change.

The summit opened with Sir Gabriele Andreoli, founder of the World Changers Summit, whose eloquent remarks set the tone for a day of high-level discussions. He welcomed the diverse assembly to this historic venue, emphasizing the potential for transformative ideas to emerge from their collaboration.

Dr. Christina Rahm was a standout in the morning sessions, exploring how natural remedies can complement modern medical practices in her talk, ‘Our Bodies Remember.’ Her revolutionary work in health and sciences was recognized at the summit with a Red Cross Silver Medal, highlighting her leadership in integrating traditional and contemporary medical approaches.

The mornings agenda also featured Martina Luise, who delved into the “Church and Technology,” and Dario Spera, who introduced cutting-edge developments in “HIT Technology and Regenesis.” Alena Yudina’s session, “The Metaverse for Good,” explored the implications of emerging technologies, contributing depth to the summit’s focus on technology. Additionally, Clayton Thomas, founder of Root Wellness, spoke from the heart, offering a deeply personal perspective on what it means to be a world changer.

Hollywood actor Jordi Molla also captivated the audience with stories of how his faith has profoundly shaped his career and personal life. He eloquently connected his faith-driven decisions to the broader impacts they have on society, offering a rare glimpse into the life of an entertainer who integrates his spiritual beliefs with his professional actions. His account provided attendees with a compelling example of how deeply-held personal beliefs can influence career choices and contribute positively to societal change.

The days leadership discussions were notably enriched by Jessica Word and Robert Grant, who were both knighted at the summit by the Order of Merit of the Portuguese Royal House. Their talks, "Family Values" and "Codex Universalis," underscored their influential roles as change makers. At the summit, they were also awarded Red Cross Silver Medals in recognition of their efforts to promote ethical leadership grounded in fundamental values and universal truths.

As the day unfolded, Cardinals Peter Turkson and Pietro Parolin addressed the summit, with Cardinal Parolin, the Secretary of State of the Holy See, highlighting the Vatican’s support for the summit and its mission to foster inclusive, impactful initiatives.

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata from Congo, representing the Bakwa Luntu tribe of the Central Kasaï region in the historic Kingdom of Luba, delivered a captivating presentation titled “The Beginning” at the summit. Her talk focused on Africa as the cradle of humanity, providing profound insights into the continent’s central role in the global historical narrative. Her presentation not only educated but also inspired attendees to acknowledge and appreciate the profound legacy of Africa in the world’s collective history.

Faith Malton's speech titled "Being Different" captivated the audience with its heartfelt and powerful message. Born with only one arm, Faith shared how she views her difference not as a limitation but as her superpower. Her ability to intertwine humor with deep emotional resonance made the audience both laugh and cry, drawing them into her experience of turning perceived barriers into strengths. Faith’s message was clear: our differences are what make us unique and can be sources of extraordinary ability, not disability. Her talk not only challenged conventional perceptions of disability but also celebrated the unique qualities that each individual brings to the table.

Kirill Vekhov’s talk on “Unity in Diversity” followed, emphasizing the essential role of diverse perspectives in driving innovation across corporate and societal levels. He shared his personal journey, beginning with his birth in Moscow and his emigration to the USA at the age of 19. While still mastering the English language, he started his first company, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of navigating a new culture and business environment. His compelling presentation underscored how embracing a variety of viewpoints can lead to richer, more creative solutions in both business and community challenges. Kirill also spoke passionately about his efforts to help immigrants, supporting them in their moments of need. He discussed the importance of creating supportive communities that help newcomers integrate and succeed, underscoring the value of diversity and inclusion in building strong, resilient societies.

The summit also featured incredible musical performances by the internationally renowned singers Giuseppe Tedeschi and Maria Ratkova. Their captivating performances left the audience spellbound, earning them enthusiastic applause. The beautiful music added an extra layer of emotion and connection to the event, reminding everyone of the unifying power of the arts. Their talents truly shone through, enriching the summit experience and highlighting the cultural significance of such gatherings.

The summit reached its conclusion with powerful speeches from author Julia Golding and Dr. Keith Dorsey, who each focused on themes that are highly relevant in today’s world. Julia Golding’s presentation, titled “Past, Present, and Future,” explored the continuum of history and its influence on our current strategies and future trajectories. Her speech made a compelling case for using our historical knowledge as a guide in planning and decision-making, emphasizing that learning from the past is crucial for shaping a sustainable future.

Dr. Keith Dorsey’s talk, “Impact Starts with You,” emphasized the significant role of personal initiative in addressing global issues. He argued that the actions of individuals are critical in driving change and that everyone has the capacity to make a difference. In an era where global challenges can seem overwhelming, Dr. Dorsey’s message was a call to action, inspiring attendees to recognize their own power to influence change and to take active steps towards making a positive impact in the world. His speech served as a powerful reminder that change starts on an individual level and that each person’s efforts are vital to collective progress.

As the day's sessions concluded, Faith Malton, along with other distinguished speakers and organizations such as Dr. Keith Dorsey, Earth05, Reign of Unity, Kirill Vekhov, and Mayor Max Zammit of Ta’ Xbiex, Malta, were honored with awards from the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation. This recognition was for their outstanding commitment to excellence, celebrating their significant contributions to their fields and to the summit’s overarching goals of diversity and innovation.

As the summit drew to a close, it became evident that the path to our shared future is shaped not only by the ideas we generate but also by the actions we undertake and the values we embrace. In a world often marked by division, the World Changers Summit served as a powerful reminder that unity creates opportunities— opportunities to innovate, uplift, and transcend.


Dustin Plantholt


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