Hollywood stars at Cannes will hear former Silicon Valley whizz kid’s blueprint for a better world – in just 16 years

by Laurie Stone Contributor
May 23, 2024
Hollywood stars at Cannes will hear former Silicon Valley whizz kid’s blueprint for a better world – in just 16 years

PROMINENT thought leaders and activists including movie director Oliver Stone, singer and actress Selena Gomez, and current Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios are expected to join Cannes Film Festival audiences learning how Humanity’s Team is out to make a better world – in 16 years.

The not-for-profit group’s Co-founder and Executive Director Steve Farrell agrees this might seem a tall order during huge environmental and geopolitical upheaval worldwide, but he insists this is exactly the time for humanity to change its approach to life.

A former Silicon Valley whizz kid who “lived the private jet” lifestyle before moving his family from California to Colorado 15 years ago to take his current path, Farrell says “Mankind’s current journey is not working and it’s having a terrible effect on our planet and our confidence, so we need to get onto the runway for a new journey.

“Instead of the individual feeling a helplessness, we each need to foster a feeling of ‘living consciously’ while also reaching out to and caring for others.”

If this sounds like evangelism, 67-year-old Farrell is quick to point out that he is not trying to oust religions: “This is about a spirituality that stretches back to the great philosophers like Plato and even scientific giants like Einstein.

“It can encompass all religions and even atheism. Quite simply, it’s a love of life and consideration that anyone can embrace. I was brought up a Catholic and I can see no conflict in that.

“It’s also a view supported by many; we recently had a wonderful message of support from Yoko Ono and we talked about how it chimed with John’s (Lennon) beliefs.”

Apart from high profile support, Humanity’s Team is also accumulating widespread interest through awareness-building campaigns, educational events, and other transformational programs.

It is currently attracting 100,000 new subscribers a month to its website, and now has more than 1.5 million email addresses, plus a global Facebook following of 660,000, on top of communities in more than 90 nations worldwide, each growing their own online and social media identities.

A further boost should come from Steve Farrell’s newly launched book, ‘A New Universal Dream’ about his journey from the pinnacle of wealth creation in Silicon Valley to a life in service to humanity.

He added: “And we were thrilled to take up an invitation from Piers Dunhill, CEO of the Dunhill Family Office Network, to attend a series of its events in Cannes this week (Thursday-Saturday) and meet many of the guests assembled to invite their support for a healthier and better future.

“With their support and others, we truly believe we can move mankind and our planet onto a new path by 2040.


Laurie Stone


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