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Looking for some juicy news from Monaco's port? Well, buckle up, because we've got a story that'll float your boat!

April 25, 2023
Looking for some juicy news from Monaco's port? Well, buckle up, because we've got a story that'll float your boat!

Imagine this: a homeless man with a financial struggle, who came to Monaco to meet a friend, ends up in jail for a month. Why, you ask? He "squatted" on a boat at Port Hercules without permission, and not just for a few hours, but for several days!

Now picture yourself in his shoes: You stumble upon a 15-meter boat with unlocked cabins. It's vacant, so you think, "Why not crash here for a bit?" But the owner of the boat notices traces of intrusion, personal belongings, and light from the cabin late at night. He doesn't confront you but instead heads straight to the police.

Caught red-handed, you're taken to court, where you confess to taking advantage of the open boat just to sleep. You explain that you had no means to stay at a hotel, and family members in Portofino, Italy, only occasionally send you money for subsistence. You admit to cooking pasta and even drinking a bottle of wine on board, all while waiting for a friend.

The judge notes that you're lucky the law is less strict for daytime violations compared to nighttime ones. However, your past is troubling – with six convictions in France for crimes like theft, death threats, and home violation. You've even been banned from France for over a decade.

The prosecutor argues for a harsh sentence, considering your history and repeated offenses. And guess what? The court agrees, sentencing you to a month in jail.

So, there you have it – a cautionary tale for those who dare to bunk on someone else's boat. Be warned, Monaco's port is not the place to ride the wave of someone else's fortune!

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