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Is Monaco the Ultimate Promised Land for Supercar Aficionados?

May 19, 2023
Is Monaco the Ultimate Promised Land for Supercar Aficionados?

If you’re looking for a place where high-performance, luxury cars aren't just common, but part of the lifestyle, then there’s one city-state that undoubtedly captures the pinnacle of this automotive opulence: Monaco. As an amalgam of wealth and luxury, this Mediterranean hotspot appears to have been handcrafted to serve as a real-world playground for those automotive masterpieces we fondly refer to as supercars.

Any mention of Monaco invariably brings to mind images of the Grand Prix, the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea, the glitz of its casinos, and of course, the high concentration of supercars casually parked around the city. Indeed, this locale has positioned itself as an undisputed hub for automotive enthusiasts and supercar owners.

Our in-depth dive into the supercar realm in Monaco shows an almost unbelievable statistic. On average, there are 3,051 supercars per 1,000 inhabitants. This surprising figure suggests that every Monegasque resident owns not one, but three supercars. While it's essential to clarify that this data is based on the number of Instagram photos posted with supercar hashtags, and not the actual number of supercars per registered driver, it's an indicator of the city-state's pervasive supercar culture.

Data from Car Industry Analysis elucidates this supercar trend even further, noting that in 2021, Monaco registered 2.86 new Ferraris per 1,000 inhabitants. That's over a hundred new Prancing Horses hitting the narrow, winding streets of this Riviera playground in a single year!

It's also worth noting Monaco's unique automotive market. In 2019, the new car market showed a slight growth of 0.6%, totaling 3,202 units. Mercedes held its place at the pole position for the 6th consecutive year, commanding a 16.4% share. Audi and Porsche, although slightly down, secured their spots on the podium. As for high-performance supercar brands, Ferrari had a commendable year, with its market share rising by 28.2%, leading to a swap of ranks with Bentley. Additionally, Lamborghini saw a 58.1% surge in popularity, earning itself the 16th place in the overall market rankings.

Monaco, with a GDP per capita of €81,710 as of 2023, isn't just the wealthiest country globally, but it's also one where virtually every resident owns a car. Out of 35,986 inhabitants, there are 35,800 cars, which amounts to an impressive ratio of 995 cars per 1,000 residents. This statistic doesn't account for those fortunate enough to own more than one vehicle, making Monaco a veritable dreamland for automakers worldwide.

The supercar market in Monaco serves as a telling testament to the city-state's obsession with high-performance luxury cars. It paints a picture of an automotive paradise, where the sighting of Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Aston Martins is as common as the glittering Mediterranean sun. And the data suggests that this isn't changing anytime soon. In Monaco, the supercar culture isn't just alive; it thrives.

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