40 Under 40

Karen Falkler

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
November 01, 2023
Karen Falkler

In the realm of leadership development and wellness, a name that resonates deeply is Karen Falkler, the transformative force behind Falkler Wellness & Advisory. Selected as a Monaco 40 under 40 laureate, Karen’s journey is a testament to her wisdom, expertise, and dedication.

At her core, Karen isn’t merely the CEO of Falkler Wellness & Advisory; she’s a beacon of compassion, humility, and ingenuity. Drawing from a unique amalgamation of corporate leadership development and physical therapy, Karen offers a holistic approach, sculpting leaders who shine not only in cognitive prowess but in physical vigor. Her ethos is straightforward yet profound: A true leader personally flourishes and lights the way for others.

Karen’s depth of understanding extends beyond leadership dynamics. Emphasizing physical well-being, she ensures leaders not just stand tall but truly resonate in their presence. Through Falkler Wellness & Advisory, she creates a sanctuary for executives, helping them surmount challenges, amplify wellness, refine team dynamics, and sharpen crucial skills.

Outside her enterprise, Karen’s impact is equally palpable. As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, she unravels the intricacies of management, leadership, and communication. Her insights echo beyond classroom confines, enriching conferences and events worldwide.

Her clientele, which includes renowned names like Whiting Turner, Ben & Jerry’s, and John’s Hopkins, speaks volumes about her influence. Notably, her partnership with SportGait underscores her dedication to promoting brain safety from corporations down to individuals.

Yet, Karen’s reach isn’t limited to boardrooms or lecture halls. Her voice has graced platforms such as the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Federal Bureau of Prison (Executives). She’s also been spotlighted in the “Roadmap to Mental Wellness” segment on WBAL and contributed to the esteemed Monaco Voice from October 2023.

Her accolades further magnify her stature. Notably, the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation honored Karen in October 2023, at the World Changers Power Women’s Summit in Vatican City-State, for her unparalleled contribution to business coaching.

Beyond her professional achievements, Karen’s heart beats for the community. Her charitable endeavors, ranging from the Ulman Foundation’s bike ride from Baltimore to Key West to her efforts during the Brain Injury Awareness Month, showcase her commitment to fostering wellness in all life facets.

Karen’s story, brimming with dedication, passion, and transformative impact, is a shining example of why she stands tall among the Monaco 40 under 40 laureates. In her, we see the future of leadership and wellness, intertwined and thriving. 


Dustin Plantholt


Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto,” is Monaco Voice's Editor-in-Chief. He is highly regarded for his contributions and impact in the world of disruptive technologies and media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has interviewed celebrities, won awards for NFT/Metaverse advisory, and is a highly sought-after panel moderator and global speaker. He has received from Forbes Monaco the prestigious  40 Under 40 award for his undisputed impact in innovating ideas and bringing people together, educating others about digital assets, and his commitment to excellence. 

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