40 Over 40

Keith Chapman

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
January 26, 2024
Keith Chapman

Keith Chapman, a distinguished figure in children's entertainment, is being honored as a 2024 Monaco 40 over 40 laureate. In my view, as both the Editor-in-Chief and a father of two, Chapman is aptly seen as "The Dreamweaver." This nickname stems from his extraordinary ability to weave rich, imaginative narratives that truly capture the essence of childhood wonder.

His creations are more than just stories; they are vibrant adventures and learning experiences that engage young minds, encouraging them to dream and explore. This award celebrates Chapman's remarkable talent in shaping young minds and hearts globally, and his profound influence is evident in the way his work enriches the lives of families everywhere, including my own, showcasing the magical power of storytelling.

As the renowned creator of globally celebrated kids' IPs, Chapman has been the driving force behind some of the world's most successful preschool shows, including "Paw Patrol." This series has become a cultural touchstone, resonating deeply with children and families everywhere. Its success is not only in its global reach but also in its unique ability to kindle imagination and impart core values.

Chapman's "Bob the Builder," another landmark creation, has captivated audiences with its engaging storytelling, instilling in viewers the ethos of teamwork and problem-solving. Both of these series have been pivotal in contributing to Chapman's creations amassing over US$ 21 billion in global sales, showcasing his exceptional blend of creative and commercial prowess.

Expanding his repertoire, Chapman's latest preschool shows, "Mighty Express" and "Jonny Jetboy," continue his commitment to delivering high-quality content. "Mighty Express," which debuted on Netflix in 2020, and "Jonny Jetboy," set for release in 2024, promise to follow in the prestigious footsteps of their predecessors.

In addition, Chapman's venture into environmentally themed storytelling is embodied by the upcoming family movie "Ozi," set for a 2024 release. This project, animated by Mikros Paris and featuring a star-studded cast, signals a deepening of Chapman's artistic vision, marrying entertainment with powerful, meaningful messages.

His list of accolades is extensive, including an Honorary Doctorate from Norwich University of the Arts and an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award at the UK Licensing Awards, highlighting his significant influence and esteem within the industry.

Reflecting on Chapman's widespread impact, one recalls the poignant words of Mr. Fred Rogers: "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." Through his creative endeavors, Chapman has succeeded in entertaining, educating, and inspiring. He has set an incredibly high standard for creators in the field, proving the potential of children's content to be both engaging and enriching.

As Keith “The Dreamweaver” Chapman receives the Monaco 40 over 40 laureate, it is evident that his legacy stretches far beyond the screen. His work has profoundly touched the lives of countless children and families, fostering a love for storytelling and a passion for learning.


Dustin Plantholt


Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto,” is Monaco Voice's Editor-in-Chief. He is highly regarded for his contributions and impact in the world of disruptive technologies and media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has interviewed celebrities, won awards for NFT/Metaverse advisory, and is a highly sought-after panel moderator and global speaker. He has received from Forbes Monaco the prestigious  40 Under 40 award for his undisputed impact in innovating ideas and bringing people together, educating others about digital assets, and his commitment to excellence. 

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