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La Distillerie de Monaco and Janiak Art Unveil "The Sea in Abstract Art"

September 26, 2023
La Distillerie de Monaco and Janiak Art Unveil

On Wednesday, September 27, La Distillerie de Monaco, renowned for producing L'Orangerie, Monaco's first premium bitter orange liqueur, is set to host an abstract art exhibition in collaboration with Janiak Art during the Monaco Yacht Show. This marks the inaugural partnership between the two entities.

The spotlight of the evening will be on Marusya Shilova, a self-taught artist known for her abstract and minimalist creations. Having previously showcased her work in St. Petersburg and Monaco, Shilova has crafted several pieces inspired by the sea and Monaco, especially for this event.

Janiak Art, an online gallery established by Dominika Janiak, represents Shilova. Janiak's gallery is dedicated to promoting young and ambitious artists. Having already organized several exhibitions in Monaco, this event will be the third under the Janiak Art banner.

Philip Culazzo and Dominika Janiak, the organizers, aim to merge their shared experience and love for art. They have chosen the distinctive setting of the distillery to accentuate the essence of abstract art. After hosting an exhibition on a yacht in Monaco's port in April, Janiak Art continues its trend of showcasing art in unique and unconventional spaces, and La Distillerie de Monaco perfectly fits the bill. The event promises to be a blend of fine liqueur, art, and the allure of the sea, offering attendees an unparalleled experience.

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