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La Table d'Antonio Salvatore

by Nancy Heslin Contributor
February 16, 2023
La Table d'Antonio Salvatore

Michelin-star chef announces artist-in-restaurant collaboration with Marcello Lo Giudice.

Inspired by the appreciation of fine food and fine art, Michelin star chef Antonio Salvatore has invited contemporary artist Marcello Lo Giudice to present a one-of-a-kind art illustration at La Table d’Antonio in Monaco.

The collaboration is an invitation to food lovers to discover the creative universe of the artist while enjoying a gastronomic experience.

“Not only are we excited to enhance the dining experience at La Table d’Antonio with this one- of-a-kind art illustration, but we’re also thrilled  for this opportunity to partner with this incredibly talented artist,” said Antonio Salvatore, brand chef of Monte Carlo Hospitality Group. “We think it is something that will really resonate with our diners.”

As part of the European art informal movement, Giudice uses thick layers of pigment to create tactile “Golden Eden” paintings that resemble geological forms.

“Gold is like the bright and warm sun, the golden age begins for humanity as a century of prosperity, well- being, fertility and love for good food,” explains Giudice. His 200 pieces will be available in the restaurant for a limited-time only.

To mark the artful alliance, chef Salvatore has introduced the “Menu Golden Eden” with innovative dishes including the Consistenze di Bresse, a variation of Bresse chicken with caramel sauce.

Chef Salvatore shot to kitchen fame after reviving Rampoldi when the Monaco institution reopened in 2016. The popularity of Rampoldi propelled the 36-year-old to open the more intimate La Table d’Antonio in September 2020, which earned him a Michelin star in 2021.

In spring of that same year, and as a nod to his southern Basilicata Italian roots, he debuted in New York with the trendy Casa Limone in the City, just steps from the Rockefeller Center.

With tireless momentum, he then took over a second address in New York last year, revitalizing Lincoln Square’s mainstay Atlantic Grill on 65th Street.

“For me, the most important thing is for my customers to be happy,” says Salvatore. “If they feel at home, then my mission as a chef is accomplished.”

Open for dinner Tuesday- Saturday at 3 avenue des Spélugues. +377 93 30 70 44


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