Lancaster - beauty brand from Monaco

October 20, 2022
Lancaster - beauty brand from Monaco

Despite the fact that the territory of Monaco is just 2 square kilometers, local brands and industries are successfully building their business not only in the principality, but also abroad. 


What is the Principality famous for and what souvenirs should you take back from Monaco? Which Monegasque brands have made a famous name all over the world and have generated millions of dollars in sales? Monaco Voice is launching a series of articles on the most successful businesses and brands born in the Principality. 


The story

In 1946 as a part of Coty group the brand Lancaster was established in the Principality of Monaco. The founder of the brand, pilot Georges Wurz came to Monaco in 1940. Here he met Dr. Eugene Frezzati, a chemist specialized in cosmetics. 


The partners decided to create their own company. The priority was  luxury beauty products. The name of the brand - "Lancaster" was inspired by the British bomber plane "Avro Lancaster".



About 270 people work now for the company in Monaco. Most of the products are skincare, sunscreens, anti-ageing and makeup. In 1976 Lancaster was the first brand to utilize the power of Retinol for the anti-ageing effect. In 1993 the brand presented a new product - Skin Therapy Vital Oxygen Supply - a boost of pure oxygen.


The beauty products were also loved by members of the Royal family of Monaco. Pauline Ducruet took part in one of the advertising campaigns.


Brand, based on the heritage in the beauty world and the latest innovations, became popular not only in Monaco, but in other European countries, parts of Asia and the Middle East.

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