Le Père Noël opens his secretariat at the Monaco Post Office

November 17, 2022
Le Père Noël opens his secretariat at the Monaco Post Office

For the sixteenth consecutive year, Santa Claus opens his secretariat at Monaco Post Office from Monday 21st of November 2022. The entire team has begun its work, which will last until Friday, December 23, 2022.

While Père Noël, accompanied by his elves, prepares the toys he will distribute on the night of December 24, the secretariat will process the kid's mail.

Whether they are addressed to "Père Noël , 1, Chemin des Nuages, Pôle Nord" or "Père Noël in the sky in the land of toys and wonders" or "Père Noël, third igloo on the left after the ice pack, Pôle Nord, France," the letters will arrive at the secretariat who will answer them individually.

In Monaco, the little hands do this work with a smile as the messages from the children are full of tenderness: "Santa darling of love, I am sorry to order so many things," says one of these letters. A little Alyssia even made promises: "I am wise and I hope you will bring me many gifts... I promise you that I will sleep in my bed. "

How to write to Père Noël?

To write to Père Noël, it's very easy!

Just send him a letter or a nice drawing in an envelope.

This mail can be placed in the mailbox located in the mall of the Metropole or in any other mailbox of the Principality.

Santa Claus and the Internet.

Kids will also be able to write to her on www.lapostemonaco.mc

Père Noël's answer

In order to receive a response, children should not forget (with the help of parents) to record their contact details in a legible manner (last name, first name and address) on the envelope, letter or drawing.

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