L’Orangerie Liqueur de Monaco - the first premium alcoholic beverage from the Principality of Monaco

L’Orangerie Liqueur de Monaco - the first premium alcoholic beverage from the Principality of Monaco

Despite the fact that the territory of Monaco is just 2 square kilometers, local brands and industries are successfully building their business not only in the Principality, but also abroad. What is the Principality famous for and what souvenirs should you take back from Monaco? Which Monegasque brands have made a famous name all over the world? Monaco Voice is launching a series of articles on the most successful businesses and brands born in the Principality. 


Monaco is one of the smallest, but arguably most jewel-like principalities in the world. Ruled by a member of the current ruling House of Grimaldi family since 1297, when Francesco Grimaldi - known as Il Malizia (and whose statue stands in front of the palace today) came to reign over the territory. The citrus fruits that grow in Monaco and the surrounding areas of Roquebrune and Menton, that were then part of Monaco’s domain, trace back to this time. Prior to the glamour of the casino and Formula 1, taxing citrus fruits was a huge source of income for the ruling family. Locals also saw the value of these precious fruits, trading them with fleets of passing ships looking to stave off scurvy on long voyages to the Americas. They were bartered for items including barrels of rum and other spirits that were floated ashore from the flotillas. 


Special liqueur

L’Orangerie Liqueur de Monaco - is the first premium alcoholic beverage to be made in the Principality of Monaco, in their very own distillery in the heart of Monte Carlo. Handmade with the peel of bitter oranges that grow on the avenues and boulevards of Monaco, the drink was launched by founder Philip Culazzo.The idea behind the liqueur was conceived over a year ago when Culazzo was searching for a typical Monegasque gift to bring to family at Christmas. A premium drink was what he had in mind, but there was none to be found. 


Around the same time, the streets of Monaco were awash with the vibrant colour of ripening bitter orange trees - a sight locals hold dear in their hearts. Unlike their sweet counterparts, the bitter oranges are not suitable for juice, and have traditionally been used for marmalade making, something that has fallen out of favour with consumers in recent years. Seeing these bursts of sunshine set Culazzo’s mind churning. And so, the idea to create a liqueur with these oranges was formed. Culazzo adds, “L’Orangerie is a unique product from Monaco, made in Monaco, and the perfect gift to give to loved ones as a special souvenir.”


Handmade from start to finish

The liqueur starts its journey in January, when the oranges are picked from the trees by hand in Monaco and passed to the L’Orangerie distillery. The oranges are carefully washed, the zest is then extracted by hand, and infused in alcohol for a number of weeks before a small quantity of sugar and specially selected secret ingredients are added, to give you the original L’Orangerie, Liqueur de Monaco. No added chemicals, preservatives or artificial colourings ensure L’Orangerie is truly a premium, artisanal product. 


The oranges that come from here and used in making this liqueur are therefore amongst the rarest available, which truly makes this a unique product. “L’Orangerie is a true piece of Monaco”, says Culazzo. Available to buy in the distillery on 9 Rue de la Turbie, selected retail outlets in Monaco, as well as premium bars, restaurants and hotels along the French Riviera. 


Mont Charles works on two other products - a carob liqueur, handmade using the beans of the carob tree, the national tree of Monaco, as well as a gin.