Major Roadworks On D6098 Into Monaco, One Way Traffic, Bus Changes Until 2024

January 30, 2023
Major Roadworks On D6098 Into Monaco, One Way Traffic, Bus Changes Until 2024

From October 3, the Community of the French Riviera (CARF) is launching a vast project to modernize the drinking water and sanitation networks in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. This will widely impact traffic on avenue Jean Jaurès (D6098), which feeds into Monaco from the Menton side. The 100 Menton-Monaco-Nice bus will change service.

For 18 months, well into 2024, roadworks will be ongoing from the Quatre Chemin roundabout to La Tranchée, the intersection at avenue Louis Laurens, which will also be subjected to construction from January to March 2023 to renew the wastewater networks and create rainwater networks.

The large-scale operation is intended to replace the main drinking water pipeline as it is no longer able to ensure delivery to the east of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. This work is essential to secure the water supply for residents and it will be accompanied by the renewal of the sewerage networks, the creation of a network to reduce the impact of rainwater on the environment, the modernization of public lighting and electricity, as well as improve the road surface.

The work will be carried out in four phases and from Monday, October 3, an adapted traffic plan will be put in place. In the direction of Monaco, one-way traffic will be set up on avenue Jean Jaurès, from the Quatre Chemin roundabout to the intersection at avenue Louis Laurens (La Tranchée).

Going towards Menton from Monaco, a detour will take drivers of light vehicles via avenues Varavilla, President Kennedy (D6007) and Notre Dame de Bon Voyage to the Quatre Chemin roundabout.

The one-way lane way will be in place from October until April 2023 (renewal of drinking water networks and digging dry networks), from June to November 2023 (renewal of wastewater and rainwater networks) and from December 2023 to April 2024 (paving, sidewalk and roadway improvements).

Residents on avenue Louis Laurens will be able to take avenue de France to access the entrance to the road.

The Zest and Zou bus networks will not serve four stops during this work: Les Quatre Chemins, La Boucherie, La Tranchée and St Roman (France). Zest will reroute along Villavara and the popular Zou 100 Menton-Nice bus will become two temporary lines—607 and 608.

Line 607 (Nice-Monaco) takes the usual route between Nice and Monaco to the Saint Roman Monaco stop via Place d'Armes.

Line 608 (Menton-Monaco) leaves Menton for Monaco-Place d’Armes but takes a detour via the Moyenne Corniche to return towards Roquebrune-Cap-Martin at the Quatre Chemin roundabout. After Datcha, it then stops to Notre Dame de Bon Voyage, Beauséjour, Villa Paloma, Beauséjour and arrives at Place d’Armes in Monaco

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