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Michael Jordan Lights Up Monaco with a Taste of His Prestigious Tequila Brand

July 27, 2023
Michael Jordan Lights Up Monaco with a Taste of His Prestigious Tequila Brand


Michael Jordan, a figure who has transcended the realm of sports to become a global icon, recently marked his presence in Monaco. Known for his magnetic charm and unfading allure, even years after his retirement from professional basketball, Jordan never ceases to draw attention.

This visit to Monaco was marked by a delightful evening at Sass Café, a venue renowned for its vibrant atmosphere throughout the year. Located on the opulent Princesse Grace Avenue, this café has a rich history and tradition of hosting many sports stars and celebrities. The presence of a sports legend such as Jordan undeniably added to its glowing reputation.

Meanwhile, in the backdrop of these cheerful celebrations, Jordan's yacht was nestled securely in the serene Monegasque bay. This juxtaposition of a bustling social scene against the tranquil bay painted a picturesque setting that reflected the multifaceted charm of Monaco.

During his visit, Jordan didn't miss the chance to introduce the locale to his own prestigious tequila brand, Cincoro. This brand was launched in collaboration with other associates from the National Basketball Association (NBA), and symbolizes a unique intersection of sports and luxury lifestyle. Jordan arrived with several bottles of this premium tequila, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit outside of basketball.

The Cincoro brand is not just an extension of Jordan's personal brand, but it signifies his entry into the world of luxury beverages. This alcoholic beverage, crafted with the utmost care and intended to be enjoyed responsibly, holds the promise of global recognition in the near future. In fact, distribution plans are already underway to extend the reach of Cincoro to Europe next year. Considering the warm reception at Sass Café, it is highly likely that the first European counters to offer this tequila will be in Monaco itself.

In summary, this was not just another high-profile visit to Monaco, but it marked the blend of sports, luxury, and entrepreneurial venture - all wrapped into one memorable evening at the Sass Café, courtesy of Michael Jordan.

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