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Monaco Expands Public Transport with New Express Bus Lines X3 and X4

April 26, 2024
Monaco Expands Public Transport with New Express Bus Lines X3 and X4

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Monaco has recently introduced two new express bus lines, X3 and X4, to its public transportation network, enhancing connectivity across the Principality. These lines were launched on April 22, 2024, as part of Monaco's broader Mobility Plan aimed at improving the efficiency of east-west transit.

The X3 line connects Fontvieille to Larvotto, offering a bus every 10 minutes, while the X4 line links Fontvieille with the La Rousse district with buses running every 15 minutes. Both lines operate between 7 AM and 7 PM on weekdays, designed primarily to assist daily commuters by reducing travel time and improving accessibility. Key stops include Albert II, Port de Fontvieille, Princesse Antoinette at Port Hercule, Portier, Larvotto for X3, and additionally Saint Roman for X4.

Currently in a trial phase, these bus lines feature a streamlined route with limited stops, focusing on rapid transit to key locations. Adjustments to these routes may occur based on commuter usage and feedback to optimize service.

These enhancements not only promote the use of public transport as a viable alternative to private vehicles but also align with Monaco's commitment to sustainable urban development. The launch coincides with the passing of Roland de Rechniewski, the late Director of the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco, marking a significant phase in the evolution of Monaco's public transportation system.

X3 Line Path

X4 Line Path

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