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Monaco Gets Smarter

by Alexander Agafiev Editor-at-Large
January 26, 2023
Monaco Gets Smarter

It is official. The “Your Monaco” mobile application, created as part of the Extended Monaco program, was launched on December 5 by minister of state Pierre Dartout.

Aimed primarily at residents, commuters and workers, this new solution, available free of charge on smartphones, centralizes practical information on life in the Principality in real time (public transport, traffic, local services, environmental data, fire reports) and offers the opportunity to discover places of interest, events and activities.
“With this solution, the State offers a new service to residents and people working. Digital technology plays a key role in facilitating access to information and resources in the city. It is a new generation of public service that meets the current needs of the population,” said Dartout.

Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Officer for Attractiveness and Digital Transition added, “Your Monaco makes all of Monaco’s potential and opportunities easily accessible. In this way it is a tool for attractiveness and development. Moreover, the interdepartmental and collaborative approach at the heart of the project is a path to follow.”

More than just a catalogue of urban services, Your Monaco is available in French, English and Italian, and responds to specific needs like menus for school canteens and childcare facilities, opening hours, cinema showing times and a consolidated calendar of all events in the Principality. Users can personalize their dashboard, gather various content of interest at a glance and quickly consult their favorite sections. Push notifications and alerts can also be selected. This free digital service is a new stage in the development of Monaco’s smart city, the acceleration of urbanization in a world undergoing profound change combined with environmental concerns.


Alexander Agafiev


Alexander is a Monaco resident and former tech contributing writer for Forbes Monaco. 

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