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Monaco Government Supports Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trial Mependax

October 19, 2023
Monaco Government Supports Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trial Mependax

On October 9, 2023, in a significant move to advance pediatric cancer research, the Princier Government announced its collaboration with the Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals (AP-HM) to fund the Mependax clinical trial. This initiative focuses on exploring innovative treatments for pediatric brain cancers.

The Mependax clinical trial, led by Professor Nicolas ANDRE, a pediatric oncologist at La Timone Hospital, aims to investigate the potential of the Axitinib molecule in treating around thirty children diagnosed with brain cancer. These children have unfortunately reached a therapeutic impasse with conventional treatments.

The collaboration was formalized in Marseille during a meeting attended by Mr. Adrien BARON, Director of La Timone Hospital, and Mr. Denis MACCARIO, President of the Flavien Foundation. A signed agreement marked the Princier Government's commitment, facilitating a contribution of 200,000 euros to support the clinical trial's financing.

Mr. Christophe ROBINO, Government Counselor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, "We must continually consider how we can better understand and meet the needs of children affected by cancer, as well as the needs of their families and caregivers."

This partnership underscores the Princier Government's dedication to advancing medical research and providing hope for children and families grappling with pediatric brain cancers.

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