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Monaco’s Charles Leclerc Robbed By ‘Fan’ In Italy

by Anna Antipova Contributor
January 31, 2023
Monaco’s Charles Leclerc Robbed By ‘Fan’ In Italy

Ferrari’s first Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc had his watch stolen when posing for a “group photo” in Viareggio, Italy, on Monday.

According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Leclerc was with his trainer Andrea Ferrari on Via Salvatori in the Darsena district in Tuscany around 10 p.m. when a group of fans asked him to take a picture with them.

During the photo taking, the F1 championship leader’s Richard Mille RM67 “Leclerc” watch was slipped off his wrist by one of the people in the group, who quickly disappeared. Richard Mille is a sponsor of Ferrari and the watch is estimated to be worth €300,000.

Leclerc reported the theft to local police and an investigation is underway with relevant security camera footage under review.

Following the incident, on a social media post Andrea Ferrari criticised the lack of street lighting in the area. “For months since Via Salvatori has been completely in the dark,” he said. “We’ve been reporting this for months.

“Well, last night in Via Salvatori they robbed us. Have you thought about fixing the street lamps sooner or later? I ask for a friend.”

Since the robbery, Leclerc has posted a photo of himself on social media in the Ferrari simulator.


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