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Monaco's Entrepôt Gallery Showcases International Artistic Brilliance

October 12, 2023
Monaco's Entrepôt Gallery Showcases International Artistic Brilliance

The renowned Entrepôt Gallery, located at 22 rue de Millo, will host a unique art exhibition from October 16 to 26, 2023. The event, curated by Gilles Bastianelli and Euni Ahn, will feature the works of Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, a prince-turned-photographer, alongside prominent artists from South Korea.

Prince Michel de Yougoslavie's journey into the world of photography began at the age of 16. Although he initially pursued a career in international finance, he returned to his first love in his fifties. His photographs of AlUla, taken in May 2022, are among his most iconic works. These images, which were first showcased in Seoul at the DDP, a neo-futurist cultural complex, have since been exhibited in various countries, including China, Korea, Singapore, Portugal, and Paris. Now, they make their way to Monaco.
AlUla, an oasis in the heart of the Saudi desert, is an archaeological marvel. It was a meeting point for various civilizations and reached its zenith with the Nabataeans over 2000 years ago. Prince Michel's photographs capture the essence of this ancient city, from the monumental tombs like Qasr al-Farid to the serene landscapes of the AlUla Valley.

Complementing Prince Michel's works is a collection from South Korean artists, brought to Monaco as a gesture of cultural exchange. These artists, celebrated on the international scene, include:

Yangmi Lee is known for her photorealistic paintings that oscillate between the eternal and the ephemeral.
Kwang Bum Jang: His abstract art, titled "Water Gardens," pays homage to Claude Monet's Water Gardens, capturing the ever-changing nature.
Namkyoung Kim: Drawing inspiration from the Joseon dynasty, Kim's silk paintings reflect the rich history and influence of royal women.
Yong Rae Kwon: A master of optical art, Kwon's compositions of stainless steel pellets create mesmerizing light reflections.
Sunyoung Moon's embroidered works are reminiscent of ancient European and Korean traditions, where embroidery was more than just an art—it was a reflection of dreams, prosperity, and longevity.

The exhibition is a testament to the power of art to bridge cultures and histories. It's an invitation for visitors to immerse themselves in the stories, dreams, and visions of artists from different parts of the world. The Entrepôt Gallery, open daily from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., welcomes art enthusiasts to experience this artistic confluence.

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