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Monaco's Roca Team Triumphs in Belgrade Showdown

October 19, 2023
Monaco's Roca Team Triumphs in Belgrade Showdown


In the electrifying atmosphere of Belgrade's Stark Arena, the Roca Team of Monaco showcased their prowess, reminiscent of their European conquest last season. Facing off against the Etoile Rouge de Belgrade, the Roca Team emerged victorious with a score of 82-76 after a nail-biting battle.

The game began with both teams displaying staunch defenses, with the Serbian fans adding to the fervor. Mike James, the star player of the Roca Team, was in top form, scoring 18 points and providing 11 assists. His teammates, Alpha Diallo and John Brown, showcased heroic performances, with Diallo securing 8 rebounds. The captain, Yakuba Ouattara, also made a significant impact, and Kemba Walker marked his EuroLeague debut with 10 minutes on the court.

The Roca Team's strategy, led by Sasa Obradovic, was evident from the start. Despite facing initial challenges and being six points behind at halftime, the team's resilience and determination shone through in the second half. Their defense was particularly commendable, setting the stage for their eventual win.

Post-match, Kemba Walker expressed his elation, "This win is significant for us, especially after our initial setbacks. Playing in such an atmosphere against a formidable team and emerging victorious is purely positive. I'm just happy to be playing basketball; I love this sport. Sharing this with my teammates, who are equally enthusiastic, has been an incredible experience."

Mike James echoed Walker's sentiments, emphasizing the team's collective effort. "After two losses, we had to face ourselves. We realized we had to fight harder to win, especially in challenging environments like Belgrade. Every day is an opportunity for us to grow together and achieve our goals."

This victory sets a positive tone for the Roca Team as they prepare for their upcoming match against Alba Berlin at Gaston-Médecin.

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