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Monaco's Successful Weapon Collection Campaign: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

April 19, 2024
Monaco's Successful Weapon Collection Campaign: Ensuring Safety and Compliance


In a proactive move to ensure public safety, Monaco's police force has successfully collected 123 undeclared firearms and 3,500 rounds of ammunition from 42 residents since the beginning of April. This significant initiative is part of the principality’s ongoing weapon collection campaign, mirroring successful efforts in neighboring France.

The campaign allows residents to hand over any undeclared weapons without the risk of facing administrative or legal repercussions. This approach not only aids in reducing the number of unregistered firearms in circulation but also encourages citizens to comply with local laws without fear of penalty.

In comparison, France's similar initiative at the end of 2022 saw more than 150,000 weapons collected, highlighting the effectiveness of such programs in larger nations. Although Monaco’s numbers are smaller, the impact is no less significant given its size and population.

Notably, the collected items in Monaco did not include any weapons of war or grenade-type explosives, indicating that the campaign is targeted at reducing the risk posed by more conventional firearms.

 By removing these potential threats from the community, Monaco police are making significant strides in ensuring that safety and legal compliance go hand in hand.

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