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Get Ready to Innovate: MonacoTech Launches a New Call for Projects, Here's How to Apply

April 25, 2023
Get Ready to Innovate: MonacoTech Launches a New Call for Projects, Here's How to Apply

MonacoTech, the Principality's startup incubator, is launching a fresh call for projects, seeking the next gems of innovation. To make the cut, projects need to showcase a unique concept or technology and belong to one of the incubator's five preferred sectors.

Who can apply?

Projects are welcome from the following domains:

  • Greentech / Energies
  • Biotech / Medtech
  • Yachting
  • Fintech
  • Digital (AI, APP)

A Tailored Support Program

MonacoTech currently supports 18 startups and boasts an alumni community. It offers a bespoke 18-month support program, including:

  • Personalized guidance and monitoring for each startup
  • Expert-led workshops
  • Connections to key ecosystem players: experts, entrepreneurs, incubators, partners, investors...
  • Specialized events organized by the incubator
  • Facilities to suit every need: a Fablab for experimentation, a photo studio for audiovisual requirements, cutting-edge meeting rooms
  • Visibility through the incubator's communication and network
  • Experience-sharing among startups
  • A continually growing ecosystem

What about the selection process?

The process unfolds in three phases, with selections made at each stage. Candidates can submit their applications until May 29 (midnight) at

Chosen projects will join the program in September 2023. Get ready to make your summer more innovative and entrepreneurial with this fantastic opportunity in the heart of the Principality!

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