New managing director at SBM in Monte-Carlo

April 06, 2023
New managing director at SBM in Monte-Carlo

The Monegasque Albert Manzone, (59) , will take over as managing director of SBM starting April 12. Under the supervision of SBM's Vice Chairman Stéphane Valeri, Manzone will be responsible for all operational functions of the company from gaming to human resources, including hotels, restaurants and IT. He joins a new 100% Monegasque management team.

The 59-year-old Monegasque, holds of an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Northwestern University in Chicago and is a graduate of the Sorbonne (Paris) in International Business. He will assume the position of Managing Director of SBM as of April 12 .

The news was  was officially announced in a press release issued by SBM last Wednesday afternoon.

An appointment desired by the new president-delegate of the SBM, Stéphane Valeri, "to strengthen the effectiveness of the governance of the SBM group".

With international experience in large groups (PepsiCo, Davidoff, Novartis), as a "specialist in operational organization and growth strategies", Albert Manzone "will be responsible, under the authority of the President-, of all the operational functions of the group with particular operations (Games, Hotels, Restaurants, Marine Spas and Entertainment) of finances, marketing , digital, IT and human resources".

The appointment of Manzone adds to that of Virginie Cotta as Secretary General, "in particular in charge of legal matters, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), institutional and strategic partnerships, heritage and real estate” , but also to that of Pascal Camia, until then director of operations, as director of international development. A "strategic" position, underlines the press release from the SBM, since "one of the priorities" of the president Stéphane Valeri.  Other important positions will be filled soon.

 “These appointments are part of the Group's restructuring strategy, which will resume in the coming weeks with the arrival of our future Chief Financial Officer."

 CEO, Stéphane Valeri, is already delighted to welcome these four key leaders of "Monegasque nationality" "for the first time in the company's history".

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