Operation Ilot Pasteur: Restoration of the Uphill Direction of Avenue de Fontvieille

December 19, 2022
Operation Ilot Pasteur: Restoration of the Uphill Direction of Avenue de Fontvieille

The work of the “Ilot Pasteur” operation, which required the closure of the uphill direction of the avenue de Fontvieille since September 12, have experienced an acceleration during the last weeks, allowing the route to reopen on December 23, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Initially announced on January 15, 2023, the uphill direction will be restored with more than two weeks in advance, in accordance with the wish of the Prince's Government to be able return this space to users before the holiday period.

Thanks to the mobilization of companies, which has been able to intensify in recent weeks, taking advantage of the maintenance of the total closure, the works, which aimed to extend the area of construction covering part of the rising Avenue de Fontvieille, are completed.

This achievement will accommodate the base of the future office building. From now on, only interventions related to the evolution of the site (crane movement, connections) may occasionally require this lane to be closed.

As a reminder, the “Ilot Pasteur” project, which will see the creation of a set of buildings with a surface of more than 100,000 m², is one of the most important public projects in the Principality. He will, from 2024, accommodate many facilities essential to the life of Monegasques, such as the new Collège Charles III, the new Espace Léo Ferré, the new media library or a public car park with 900 spaces.

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