Princess Grace Rose Garden

October 25, 2022
Princess Grace Rose Garden

The Princess Grace Rose Garden was originally created in 1984 as a memorial to the wife of Prince Rainier III, Grace Kelly. You will find a memorial statue of Princess Grace in the rose garden surrounded by 4,000 roses.

Although the Rose Garden was created according to the standards of an English garden, it still retains a Mediterranean ambience through the planting of numerous olive trees. You can discover more than 315 varieties of rosebush with a total of around 6,000.

Visit the central square of the colourful garden of Princess Grace with its bronze fountain and a enjoy a refreshing break, full of tranquillity and calmness surrounded by some of the most beautiful roses in the region.

You can use the interactive terminal which is installed at the entrance of the site and learn some interesting facts about each rosebush on the map by scanning their QR codes.

The garden is located within the Fontvieille Park and it is open all year round from sunrise to sunset.

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