PwC Monaco Shines A Light On Gender Equality And Female Leadership

by Luiz F. Costa Senior Contributor
January 21, 2023
PwC Monaco Shines A Light On Gender Equality And Female Leadership

Last October 12, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Monaco hosted an internal event featuring three women who are helping to shape the landscape In the Principality. Isabelle Costa (Advisor to Prince Albert’s office), Corinne Pirinoli (HR Director, Communications & Customer Services) and Martine Voland, CFO Novares Group, shared their stories and career paths

The “inspiring” event attended by 50 employees—including Didier Cavanié, PwC partner and head of the Monaco and South of France offices, and Cedric Minarro, head of Diversity & Inclusion—was presented as part of the “PwC Seed” program, launched in 2018, which aims to accelerate women’s careers within the firm and provide role models for future generations.

The intimate forum touched on how to further push for gender equalities and pave the way for future female leaders. “We must continue to push to make gender parity and cherishing diversity a reality,” commented Cavanié.

The PwC Seed program came about after nationwide statistics revealed inequalities in male/female staffing proportions across France and Monaco. The consulting company has long promoted a “He for She” ambassadorship at a global scale and offers concrete actions around topics of diversity and inclusion. 

This program also includes mentoring 50 women annually and providing specific training skills, for example, speaking in public. 


Luiz F. Costa

Senior Contributor

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