Quick Getaway: Monaco to Limone

by Nancy Heslin Contributor
February 15, 2023
Quick Getaway: Monaco to Limone

Six years after the first train reached Limone Piemonte in 1891, the town had transformed into a ski resort which today has 80 slopes. Skiing has become such a huge part of Limone’s DNA that in 2007 the village celebrated a hundred years since its first official competition took place.

Monaco businessman Antonio Lombardi is hoping to revive the resort area, located some 80 kilometers from the Principality, into a leading ski destination in southern Europe, bringing back a popularity not seen since the Eighties when tourism plummeted and hotels were converted into apartments.

Opened in June 2017, their hotel Fiocco di Neve Relais is the first 5-star accommodation in Limone’s history. With an approach to luxury tourism that is tied to the senses “to give our guests unforgettable memories thanks to our tailor-made services,” the hotel’s spa and bar are also a first for the town.

From family and comfort and from romantic to prestige, 14 rooms and suites give every getaway ambience while providing privacy and calmness. Managing director Giovanni Mingolla joined in November 2019 and more recently, chef Christofer Pinzone took over the “White” restaurant, offering a sophisticated and refined touch to traditional mountain cuisine.

Although the Covid pandemic has forced governments in Italy and France to close ski lifts since last spring—and the French prime minister this week said they will remain off limits for February—Limone has heaps of snow for anyone interested in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and other mountain activities. In the warmer seasons, Riserva Bianca has 400 km of explorable trails, a hotspot for hikers and cyclists from across Europe.

Travel Tip: Due to damage caused by storm Alex in October, the Col de Tende tunnel remains inaccessible for an indefinite period, which means the typical 90-minute Monaco to Limone drive now takes about 3 hours via Cuneo.



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