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Ribco Monaco and Brooks Brothers Celebrate the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 in Style

October 03, 2023
Ribco Monaco and Brooks Brothers Celebrate the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 in Style

The glitz and glamour of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 were elevated with a special cocktail reception hosted by Ribco Monaco, the renowned Greek shipyard, in collaboration with the iconic American apparel brand, Brooks Brothers. The event took place at the Brooks Brothers store, situated within the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco.

Ribco, celebrated for its luxury and performance chase boats, showcased its latest models to the distinguished guests of Brooks Brothers. The brand's partnership with Brooks Brothers, America's oldest apparel brand, known for its timeless elegance and the unique honor of outfitting 42 out of 46 US presidents, added a touch of sartorial splendor to the event.

Mr. Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis, Shareholder of both Ribco Monaco and Brooks Brothers Monaco, expressed his pride in presenting Ribco's new models at the Yacht Club de Monaco. He remarked, "This is the perfect setting in the Principality, not only for yacht club members but also for Monaco’s residents and visitors."

Mr. Makis Marinis, Director and Shareholder of Ribco Monaco, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the success of Ribco's participation in the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show. He said, "Visitors had the opportunity to see and try our latest Ribco models."

The event was graced by several notable attendees. Prime Minister Mr. Pierre Dartout and Mrs. Helene Dartout were photographed with Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis and his family members, Elya and Spyros Tsouvelekakis. Other esteemed guests included Peter and Patricia Brooks, Benjamin Laurens, Director of Safra bank Monaco, Carlo Maturi, CEO of EFG Bank Monaco, and many more.

The cocktail reception was not just about luxury boats and fashion. It was also an opportunity for art and collectibles enthusiasts to interact with Elya Tsouvelekakis, an Art & Collectibles Specialist. The event was a harmonious blend of luxury, art, and fashion, reflecting the essence of Monaco's opulent lifestyle.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the Ribco "Venom 44 Sterndrive", the flagship model of the Ribco range, which was showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

The evening was a testament to the synergy between luxury boating and high-end fashion. As guests mingled, sipped cocktails, and admired the Ribco models, the Brooks Brothers boutique at the Yacht Club de Monaco buzzed with excitement and appreciation for the finer things in life.

In the heart of Monte Carlo, against the backdrop of luxury yachts and the azure Mediterranean, Ribco Monaco and Brooks Brothers created an unforgettable evening, celebrating the best of luxury, fashion, and marine craftsmanship.

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